What the educated enemies of LePen think of Macron: “he’s a non-entity” – If François Fillon goes down, who will save France from its self-inflicted decline?

I quote from an author who does not love Marine LePen, Simon Heffer on the Telegraph on Line: “France may face a choice on May 7 between Marine Le Pen, whose reputation precedes her, and the risen-from-nowhere Emmanuel Macron, who, unless he is hit by scandal, would almost certainly win. France would then have five more years of drift, failure and decline. “

Given that I do support Marine LePen and the Front National, I’d like the French who don’t feel like voting her, the lefty French, to think carefully before handing the Country to Macron, unless they plan to emigrate, and I warn them that the snobbery* towards LePen won’t save them, look at Paris transformed by the socialists into a ghetto… included their “rive gauche”; deporting al the thugs where they belong to – clearly Africa, one of those states with a tough government – is the real solution, I’m not shy about the fact that I’d vote FN.

*The role of snobbery is clearly to please and make you smile in the sitting room conversations in time of peace and prosperity, not to block you from voting Rightwing when the country is falling down.

Read this, at least

François Fillon has the right idea for France – cutting its crippling public sector and restructuring its economy – but it looks as though his payments to his family for doing nothing, by his wife’s admission, will do for him.

Source: If François Fillon goes down, who will save France from its self-inflicted decline?

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