Dear Readers, I couldn’t believe the Jews could really be so double faced, but please read this: they do the military service for Israel, kill Palestinians, then go back to France and support the anti LePen’s parties for they “love diversity”. It’s an enemy inside the State. All facts-checked, all proven.


Israeli army made of double nationals, they must be expelled from Europe and the other western countries

Ms Le Pen “wants to deny the Israeli passport to French Jews”. Anger by Giuliano Ferrara.

Maurizio Blondet 11 February 2017

I listen to a morning press event, and I hear the growl, the angry rattle to delirium by Giuliano Ferrara, founder of the Foglio neocon newspaper that you taxpayers pay:

“The flower of antisemitic Le Pen rests on the international demagogy of buffonery” […] in keeping with the dude of Washington and his unscrupulous lender of all Russia “, this” Jeanne d’Arc slum wants to sell [. .] the best of Europe after Auschwitz. ” And so drooling and babbling.

The horrendous crime, here it is: “the Fn Elysée candidate wants to deny the Israeli passport to French Jews” indeed, “even the kippah”

Yeah, I almost forgot: Thursday on France 2, an electoral debate, Marine, exposing his program one hundred percent sovereignist ( “You know that I want a Europe of Nations in this Europe of Nations I think that Russia has its place “) said that, if she is elected, will ask the Jews of France with dual nationality to choose.

“Israel is not a European country,” she explained, “I am against double extra-European nationality.”

Horror! She wants to discriminate against the poor Jews ! are appalled the conductors. She quietly: “It is not the Jews, but I ask the Israelis to choose their nationality.”

“That does not mean – she explained – that if they do not choose French nationality they will have to leave. France has the ability to fully accommodate on its soil, even for a long time, strange nations that keep their nationality, provided they comply with the French laws and values “.

Holy words. Especially since the Israeli sergeant videotaped, March 24, 2016, in Hebron, ended with a bullet in the head a Palestinian already wounded and on the ground, is a citizen named French Elor Azaria – found guilty by a Sion court on January 4. Why the double nationality thing has a certain relevance in France: how many are those who go to Israel to do a military holiday and kill a bit ‘of Palestinians, before returning to France to vote and military for progressive parties?

Among the community circulate numerous posters and invitations “Give a bit ‘of your time to Tsahal.” At least five volunteer programs for foreign citizens who want to engage on the side of the Israeli glorious army: as long as they are recognized as “Jews” (will not be racist by slums, Ferrara?).

The program also sixteen Sar’El recruits, promising their three weeks at a military base (they say) “to prepare meals for their soldiers, the first aid kits, cleaning the military equipment, et cetera.” Etc. Another program, Marva, recruits volunteers aged 18 to 24 years who want to “know and experience life on a military base.” Without beating around the bush nor fictions, Machal recruits men from 18 to 23 and women up to 20 years for a military commitment of 18 months: in all the regular departments, except for elite troops.

Aimed at foreign solitary warriors (provided that demonstrably J) is the Garin Tsabar program that offers a soft-start: it starts with a participation in community life on a kibbutz and ends with the inclusion in an operational unit. The last program, Atouda, caters to college students: it offers them to continue their studies in an Israeli school, before school holidays in Europe and then in a more permanent way: the glorious Tsahal contribute to college expenses for the 2080 Euros’ year. At the end, the young people are committed to military service for three years.

According to Jewish figures, the “French” form the first component of IDF volunteers (43) followed by “American.”


In 2016, it was estimated that the number of “French” residents in Zion (keeping the French passport) are 150,000. Of these, 15-20 thousand have chosen to live in the illegal settlements in the West Bank, therefore, to participate in the pillaging with impunity and oppression against the Palestinian civilian population, war crimes and unlawful colonization condemned by the UN (for the umpteenth time) December 23, 2016. – honestly why do they have the civil rights in France if they don’t give the civil rights to the Palestinians in Israel? Ed. Notes

The chosen community has managed to include in the French rules a tax niche, so the donations to the Israeli army – mind you, not to Zion, but specifically to its army – are exempt from taxation: the French jew, what gives to Tsahal, this can be deducted, thus reducing his income for tax purposes. A privilege that is not up to any other citoyen. Senator Nathalie Goulet (UDI de l’Orne) March 10, 2016 has put a question drafted a state budget secretary questioning for this favor tax: she has received death threats from the Elect – the Elect is how ironically the author calls the Jews, Ed. Notes-, and no response from the young men government – also Valls is realted to Israel, Ed. Notes -. The “French” can thus allow himself their month or three years of Jewish SS for the good of Israel, with impunity. Rarely some of their companies know something. October 30, 2015, a ‘french’ soldier of Alison Bresson has murdered at a checkpoint in Nablus Saba’aneh Qasem, 19, and seriously injured Fares Al Na’asane, 17, in what had the whole air of an execution. The girl was invited to turn one of the twelve torches of the Jewish national ceremony, Yom Ha’atzmaout. A “named Jordan Bensemhoun French”, in Zion with “Mahal” program, was killed during an Israeli operation against the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014. Two deputies Jean-Jacques Candelier (PCF) et Pouria Amirshahi (ex -PS), made a question to the government for that program, wondering how it meant to take legal action against the kind of youth programs that “fuel the tension between peoples.” In general, national laws prohibit their citizens to enlist in foreign armies. Link I add on Wednesday that Marine Le Pen (knowing well with who has to do) one day before she met the Confederation of the Jews of France and Israel’s friends – these friends of Israel around Europe must disappear Ed. Notes – in Paris, and one of its greatest supporters, Gilbert Collard, general Secretary of the ad hoc movement “Rassemblement Bleu Marine,” he explained tv that when Marine says, “France for the French, is saying: France to the Jews!”. Textual … More advertising poster for enlistment. Marine in fact is known for his pro-israelism. That makes more revealing the demented sudden rant by Ferrara against the candidate. The sober commentator ascribes the following sentence: “May they wear a hat, if they wish, these Jews. And let me finish the import-export business of imposture in my country, racially compact, in tune with the dude in Washington – Trump Ed. Notes – and my unscrupulous lender of all the Russias – Putin Ed. Notes –. ” Therefore, according to our thinker, the current anti-Semitic project is global, and involves both Trump ( “the American impostor”) As Putin. Even Trump? Sure: “Or do we want to amuse ourselves with the idea that with the trumpets of trumpism you’re doing the right thing for Israel because there is an orthodox and futile son in law in the White House? – Jared Kushner Ed. Notes -“, he – Mr. Ferrara the italian neocon Ed. Notes – explodes. It takes something else … Ms Le Pen, continues ranting the rational analyst, has “even an alibi:” the stupid secularist idea that religions are a threat to the Republican public space, especially in times of Jihad “. Yes: except that the state secularism was imposed by the Jews in Europe, called “emancipation” and did accept the Jacobin Revolution of 1789. All religions and identities are to be excluded from the public space, obviously except one. “It ‘s already the Holocaust” Daughter of the famous anti-Semite Jean-Marie, the culprit (says Ferrara) pretends not to know that the “either-or between French nationality and Zionist passport” or the beginning of “forced assimilation of the Jews “. The request to remove his yarmulke, seen that the French State asks the Muslim to take off the scarf (and every religious signs at school, even the necklace with the cross), everything “is the annihilation-symbolic-equivalent of other ways ” . In short, it is again the Holocaust. “It has just lifted the curtain, and it is immediately Vichy” . As you can imagine, we have full access to the “pre-traumatic stress syndrome” well described by Gilad Atzmon, a prelude to the historical Jewish crimes against the goyim: traumatized by a ‘hostilities of the kind that has not yet taken place and is mostly imaginary, they are saved from the great danger exterminating perceived enemies from the soft power of the time. And ‘the tactics already described in the Book of Esther, continued with: the extermination of Christians in 602 when Jerusalem was taken to the Byzantines by the Sassanids, and local Jews paid high figures for the occupants to buy the Christian prisoners to them to kill them in the pool of Mamilla, in 66 mila. The-genocide-of-mamilla & catid = 83: free & Itemid = more recently 100021. Manifestations of the pre- traumatic stress disorder led to the genocide of the Armenians and the extermination of the kulaks in the Ukraine under the Judeo-boscevism. It is to be feared that Ferrara is to brand Le Pen, and all the French if they send the Elysée as “Amalek,” the mythical people whose JHV order the total destruction (Exodus 17: 8-16) and of which, however, every jew must “be from generation to generation warfare”. Exterminated once, there is always a people to be exterminated in the next Jewish generation. In 1915 the Jews of the Ottoman Empire began to call Armenians “Amalek” … In fact, Ferrara asks, indeed requires the mobilization of all the goyim and the Jews against this next coming Holocaust that “Amalek” is about to perpetrate. “Where is the reaction to a wave of sludge that threatens to engulf the West?” .. Its shiny eye can see that even the 5 Star Movement participates in anti-Semitic conspiracy, Trump, Putin and Le Pen: in fact “They’re not alien to ideological teasers to the worst national right – the “worst national Right? And what about Israel’s worst israeli Right? Ed. Notes “. Try to understand”, he yells, “which was built and has already partly taken the power of an International demagoguery and buffonery, on which, and that serves to at least open your eyes, Marine posed yesterday its delicate flower of a certain anti-semitic spirit. Wake up. “Why, none other, has committed” a battle to destroy Europe of freedom and contemporary peace, “the Washington dude is destroying” the West. ” The West. Already. The West as we have shaped and defined the Masters of Discourse on September 11th, dragging America and Europe in all wars to Zion, behold, this is the West. That’s that serves globalization, EU; wicht are the empty “freedom” for perverts and the cancellation of national sovereignty and identity in this West where “solidarity for Israel” is the only thing that matters. The delirium of Giuliano Ferrara also reveals the panic: the panic of not being able to control the Public Discourse, the panic of those who feel they have less strong domain socket. And therefore, the Soviet anticocomunist, then CIA agent, then neocon evolved and West,  says the ancient cry: “Amalek”.

Paola’s Note:

Marine LePen is clearly the candidate of all the people who love France: white, black, of all background. If you love France you’ll vote Marion Ann.

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