Pope Francis’s Apostasy – My video Comments –

Too much “charity” has brought to such an openness to other doctrines that the man who’s called pope, apart from the weirdness that there are two, the pope and the pope emeritus – but what does pope emeritus precisely mean? Is Ratzinger agreeing with Bergoglio? Until he was “pope and stop” he used to say the precise opposite -, well Bergoglio is pushing the catholic clergy into teaching different things than the christian catholic doctrine and it’s useless to downplay.

This is my first reaction:

This is my later more thought comment:

The priests, the catholic, the anglican and the lutheran in Sweden are opening so much to Islam that it amounts basically to renegade Jesus Christ as God incarnated. I don’t renegade for them, they must lose their job. We pay for them, and I believe many of them are into a big church solely for the power and the money, because what they do doesn’t make ANY christian sense, beginning with the fact that they support bringing a lot of muslim immigrants to Europe and then do not try to convert them to christian as Jesus Christ told them, but want to give the muslims churches and cathedrals to worship Allah and stating tha Jesus is the “servant” of God and not the Son. They put us europeans in danger because all these muslims when they are a huge number will try to impose their law also over us and this is mathematical, we must get rid of them to survive in Europe, Canterbury Archbishop quarrels continuously with Amber Rudd, whom I esteem, because he wants more “refugee children” admitted in the UK, first of all they are no children, so he goes on with the lie that those men are children, second, once the thugs are admitted in the UK he stands with the ones who prevent the repatriation of the illegals for it would be “against their human rights”. Remember that’s we christians who maintain the likes of Francis and Welby where they are and we must abandon them completely, also, mainly, economically: may they be maintained and protected by their sacred muslims – and jews -. The jews and the muslims have created wonderful societies as we can see them in Africa, Asia and Israel, it’s wonderful: that’s the result without New Testament, that’s the proven evidence that with or without Jesus Christ “it’s the same” as for the charity, Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Lady Diana had charities and missions in Asia and Africa didn’t bring those people here in Europe with the precise aim to dismantle european society, Welby and Bergoglio, if they want to help refugees they must do like Theresa and go in Asia or Africa and help them there. If these people want to be helepd by them, which I doubt.

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