Fillon and Sarko under attack by the lefty judges, because the Left want their votes at the second round on 7th May. This is an attempt of “political robbery” to make them stop the French Republican Party must state that between Macron and LePen the votes of the Party go to LePen. And they’ll stop I can assure you.


Fillon and Sarkozy must change the “testament of the party” in case of Macron-LePen final round

Let’s bet that if the French Republican Party states officially that in case of Macron-LePen second turn’s choice the votes of the Party go to the Front National and not to the lefty candidate, the lefty judges will cease teasing both Fraçois Fillon and Sarko.

I’m italian, I’ve seen this before: it’s lefty-communist judges, masons who take orders by the french or english Rothschilds who are at the same time: israelis, communists and chiefs of the socialist party and of freemasonry, well these judges, like in Italy and in the USA, try to use what they call “Justice” to stop, arrest and outlaw nationalist and patriotic or even only anti-privatizations and anti-globalisation politicians, opening dossiers about them and shaming them publicly on the press, press owned by the very same people who own all these socialist/communist parties aka the Rothschild clan and in Italy C. DeBenedetti – a Rothschild asset in Italy anyway – in a way we can say: “they sing it and they play it”; the worst case was italian communist – communists because they were card-owners of the italian communist party like that witch of Ilda Boccassini who called Berlusconi in tribunal on the 25th of December “Nöel” for us, but she wanted to state it was a day like another – well, dear François and Nicholas, what they want is the votes of Republican Party at the second turn, and they are not asking you: they’re doing a sort of political robbery. But these votes belong to you and to the Republican Party not to them, if you don’t give them, they lose and LePen becomes President of the Republic.

Listen to me: Fraçois and Nicholas & French Republican Party, since we are near the end-game, since the judges who are against you are socialists – related, since the toy boy, maybe gay, is de facto the candidate of Rothschild, Freemasonry and of the Socialist Party – he was in Valls’s government till yesterday and rumours are that the exit from the Party is just cosmetic because th french want the change – well:

Declare aloud and officially, that in case of Macron or socialist candidate Vs. LePen final round, the votes of the Republican Party will go to LePen.

Break the taboo and see what happens, I bet they’ll stop teasing you, what they’re doing is not asking your votes if you by the way, honestly lose the first round, what they’re doing is trying to make you be arrested to clear the way for their candidate in the the first round to then grab “indecently” your votes in the second turn because you promised them, it’s the difference between a donation and a robbery. It’s like those good uncles who write a testament in favour of a nephew and from that moment on the good nephew tries to kill them to grab the money: change testament. And change it now.

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