GOOD NEWS: Contraception app that signals the fertile and unfertile days given 99.9% “guess-rate” approved by regulator | Daily Mail Online – And it must finally crash down the numbers of abortions and unwanted pregnancies.

I approve of this thing, any woman who’s not on hormones should use it, the number of unwanted pregnancies should go down of and astonishing 99.9% and therefore abortions should go down too to ephimerous rates. I am against abortions and associated culture, but at least like this there must be less, much less, automatically. Consider that a tragic forecast said “In the future, on in three women will have an abortion”, well, not so much, if all women use this app and avoid getting blind drunk abortion should become extremely rare, unless they are pro-life women and keep the baby the same – I’m pro-life too -. Maybe the nightmare is over. And the pill had strong collateral effects. No matter how much they tried to push it, I had to try it, given by a doctor, and saw blue veins on my legs after around 8 months and dropped it from the very next day, a friend of mine went from very sexy to fat-cow-woman in one year of pill – and I’m not joking, no matter what the defenders of the pill said about it -, it was really an enemy not only of health, but also of beauty.

Obviously this app does not protect you from HIV etc. but in the end also the pill didn’t. Whether you’re a good girl or a femme fatale always on the run, it’s good news.

An app that uses body temperature to track a woman’s menstrual cycle has been certified as a medical device for contraception in Germany.

Source: Contraception app approved by regulator | Daily Mail Online

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