The Obamas are just social climbers who sold their black skin to make corporations’ interests and elitism look anti-racist and they are 100% aware of it. Picture that tells us why voters chose Brexit and Trump | Daily Mail Online

Interesting article by Christopher Hart, not nasty enough though, he does not focus on the absurdity that people who close themselves on private islands are “no-borders”, I would like the mass of people to understand how can you possibly be “no-border” if you close yourself on a private island and don’t let anyone – let alone refugees – in, but your close friends? Why isn’t Necker taking refugees? Why isn’t Necker open border? Why doesn’t he Branson pay for the refugees? Come on he doesn’t even pay taxes and tells you that you must pay more taxes for more refuges – read thugs – to move in your neighbourhood. And Obama, the leftist, the black President, Carla Bruni, another strange leftist was ashamed of Berlusconi because he dared joke at Obama, I mean, Barack and Michelle are definitely social climbers who sold their black skin to make the interests of the mega rich and of the banks and of the corporations look vaguely anti-racist, and worse of all, they are 100% aware of it.

As they, the millionaires who push for “no-borders” buy properties and build bunkers in New Zealand because they know the no-border practice would be a chaos of violent thugs around, no-borders means no-borders, it doesn’t mean more regular peaceful immigrants, and while they attack Trump they build the bunkers in New Zealand or Haway at the same time. Because they too are 100% aware that no-border means the end of the State-Nation aka the end of a civilized defined place with defined laws and defined security officers and police, they thought they are rich enough to go private in walled mansions and private islands with private security, they obviously don’t like sharia and Islam, their “happy community” has plenty of gays and women who like to sleep around and people who like to go around half naked and you can see it, like the celebrities, they mean you must endure sharia patrols and muslim neighbourhood not they, but I don’t care about this race of people, the under-reptilians, I am astonished when I see british Tories who may be patriots like Evans-Pritchard or Lord Lawson who have fought for Brexit and still are “scared of Marine LePen” Marine LePen who wants for France the same things they wanted for Britain, exiting the eurozone and exiting the EU and no muslim neighbourhood, it’s people who confess to have sold their properties in France when the neighbourhood changed from white christian to muslim, but they despise LePen, though when the muslims get near them, they sell the properties and move away to new white christian places from where they can despise Marine LePen again. Marine LePen doesn’t move away, and that’s the big difference, I think she’ll save France.

In one of the photos it really does look like the ex-President and the Virgin boss are in a relationship. Like a honeymoon couple frolicking with each other in the balmy Caribbean.

Source: Picture that tells us why voters chose Brexit and Trump | Daily Mail Online

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