BREAKING: The End of the Catholic Church as we know it, (Pope?) Bergoglio tells Jesuits Not to teach “only” catholic theology but also that God is outside Christianity. But this is APOSTASY.


Astonishing Prediction of the Economist’s 2017 Cover

The astonishing tradition of the Economist’s “predictions” goes on, in the Economist’s cover for the 2017, the first card was this one: splitcatholicchurch

It represents a split, a violent, stormy split in a tower-like church, the Vatican now we know, with the Christians on the Right side and the communists on the Left, separated, it was in the news of today:

reported by the Italian rightwing newspaper “Il Giornale” that Bergoglio, is he a Pope or not? told the Jesuits to teach people that God is also outside of the Church and basically outside of Christianity, so actually no “Jesus Christ Our Lord Son of God, Real God Real Man” any longer. For him, I remain Christian, Trinitarian Christian Jesus Christ is Our Lord, Son of God, Real God and Real Man, and I always despised Bergoglio, so I definitely go in the group of the Christians on the right.

He’s not a christian, Bergoglio, he’s a commie. People must open their eyes and decide on which side they intend to stay.

More storms to come I’m afraid. God save us. Italy and the rest of the world.

God forgive the vulgarity, unless, probably, He agrees with me, I have to say it: Bergoglio is just a son of a bitch. A great son of a bitch, he shouldn’t even be priest, let alone “pope” or cardinal.

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