THE EU IS DEAD AND DOESN’T KNOW IT. Save real Europe – by Maurizio Blondet


Germany’s and Italy’s industrial performance since the eurozone was created

Ireland and Luxembourg for decades have implemented aggressive fiscal dumping against member countries, violating with impunity the European rules on fair competition. Germany breaks perennially the norm that prohibits a country to accumulate a balance of active above 6% (it is at 9), a savings incompatible with the macro-economic balances of the eurozone. The countries of Central Europe, not to be invaded by the waves of illegal immigrants called by Angela Merkel, have repeatedly broken the bloated rules about the “free movement” and the welcoming to the Schengen area. France regularly goes up the 3% deficit without incurring the threats and sanctions for the same reason undergoes Italy – and Brussels is silent because without Paris to hold the candle, you would see too that Germany is in control alone. To save his party’s bank Montepaschi, Renzi (but with the agreement of all our politicians) did the bail-out (making us taxpayers pay) instead of the bail-in (pass on to members) prescribed by the newly signed European standards. the Club Med countries, victims of the accelerated de-industrialization due (mainly) to the euro too “strong” for them, go up the 3% deficit limit.

And all these transgressions, mind you, do not come from a supposed “Europhobia”, nationalism or “sovereignism populist” are based on the need and circumstances, these rules in one size are unsuited to national circumstances, while governments – subservient to Brussels and Frankfurt – are all willing to obey, to show themselves “pro-Europeans”, to please Berlin wagging his tail. They just can not. We say more: the ECB itself violates its own banking rules in favor of Deutschebank, leaving assessing the toxic securities and derivatives which has in its belly by his own criteria rather than those that apply to other banks.

“Nobody respects anymore the ‘regulatory norms’

The truth is that, suddenly, no one meets the ‘European rules’ any longer. “And then what remains of most of the EU?”. They ask themselves Coralie Delaume et David Cayla, the authors of an essay published in Paris entitled “La fin de l’union européenne” (Michalon publisher): without a question mark. Because their argument is precisely this: as the Berni warrior, “which was fighting while dead”, Merkel and Juncker, Mogherini and Draghi are presiding at a disintegration that they simply pretend not to see, holding together the dead thing, as long as they may, with the punitive cage ECB, the wire of the single currency and the cops of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg: two totally subtracted to democracy entities and even to the general law, and therefore safe from the popular will. But the first thing that Theresa May announced in the speech on Brexit of January 17th was the will to repudiate the decisions of the Court. Orban’s Hungary did even better: he changed the Constitution and its legal system so as not to have to apply the decisions of the European Court of Justice on its national territory. “And without even leaving the EU. Budapest has left in souplesse the European legal order, and the “authorities” of the EU are powerless to suppress it, say the authors. “The two institutions (the ECB and the Court) having no democratic legitimacy, hold the thwack only because the member countries agree to surrender their national prerogatives. It ‘a system of voluntary servitude “.

There are those who want us to stay. Even the poor little Greece, whose people had said no. But with the complicity of the Eurogroup (all our miserable governments) the ECB has crushed the will of the people putting on his knees Greek banks, by denying them – deliberately and criminally – liquidity: for days the Greeks were unable to withdraw money from ATMs had no access to their own savings; and today they continue to keep it all to hunger, to punish her. But this same ferocity is a sign of blind panic and idiotic selfishness: Greece weighs only 2% of European GDP. Yet if Athens had left the euro zone, repudiating the debt (to the German and French banks), the domino effect was feared.

The EU report of death seems contradicted by the euro. People continued “trust” in the euro. Most of the subjects of the eurozone, if faced with the demand for a referendum, would vote to stay there inside. The euro is appreciated even after Brexit.

“The strength of the coins – the two meet – does not depend on” trust. ” The euro exists because it is the only legal currency in an economic bloc with 300 million consumers and producers. The currency is the conjunction with a legal system that necessarily imposes its use and a market which, because of its size, offers some depth allowing it to be easily used as a means of payment. The vision of the torture inflicted on the Greeks and terrorist speeches media and courtiers in case of exit from the euro, mean that for most uneducated people of the old continent, changing currency means taking risks that appear most immediate than the benefits. For the two authors, one can even imagine that the EU will disappear but the euro exists, for simple cowardness and fear. Cowardice and fear of the ruling class who founded all its remaining legitimacy Europeanism and rightly fears of losing power, and it is able to transfer to the population: fear of the future, being afraid of risking new air, afraid to give birth, afraid to say no to the politically correct and current conformist ideas … Hence the anger, panic, scandal, when it appeared Trump who said that to Europe: that is a colony of Germany and serves only to her, and through it Berlin exports with overvalued currency, which is but a stifling bureaucracy, which blocks the development of the member countries. It’s the fear of the truth. Unvarnished “à la Donald”. They have fear of the truth, the media have spoken with hatred as Ted Malloch, which will be Trump’s ambassador to the EU, advised to go short (bearish) on the euro, because “will disappear in 18 months “. But Ted Malloch has said a lot worse – or better.In an interview with the BBC where he was reproached his alleged lack of experience, he replied: “I have already had diplomatic posts in the past that have allowed me to help break down the USSR. Maybe there is one other Union that needs to be tamed “. It explained that Trump” does not like supranational organizations, unelected, where bureaucrats do what they want and are not truly democratic “. At the question: what do you think of Juncker ? Ted Malloch responded: “Mr. Juncker was a good mayor of a city of Luxembourg, and perhaps should go back to doing the same job” At this point the journalist (Andrew Neil) was seized with uncontrollable laughter: he did not expect a similar response, no one would give this answer in this Europe stiff in politically correctness. Non surprisingly, in their so-called informal summit in Malta, our bureaucratic leaders have not decided anything; if not to not respond controversially to Trump, do not shake the wave, pretend nothing happened. The eruption of uncontrolled truth (Donald the “brutality”) can destroy their artificial arrangement, linked with spit and strings of Dragons. They are too poor to accept the challenge . Forthis reason, I fear, they will “resist” until the inevitable banking collapse that will produce the catastrophe of their house of cards. The subject in fact is not whether or not you should stay in the euro; It is that they must leave catastrophically, for the violence of the circumstances, and with a ruling class totally incapable, like this. But of this I will talk another time. In the vacuum of sovereignty, there emerges the “identity”. Why it is important, now, to bring an idea of the two essayists: the theme of ” identity ‘, very present in the French public debate because excited by the massive Islamic presence, obviously felt like a threat to national identity. According to the two, the theme of identity (to search for proper roots, to feel an identity crisis) is the effect of the political vacuum left by the loss of sovereignty, in short, it is one of the evils that produced the European Union, a false solution and regressive. “The identity of a country is the result of what he has done in its history; but if a people can write their own history only if he can run itself. If it can’t, it will question on what it is with the temptation to make a list of features that’s supposedly fixed forever. ” Attention because in this process, “French identity” or “Italian identity” (the pasta!) Will be challenged by the “Muslim identity” to a minimum Wahhabis level, the claims of the “Women”, the “Rom”, LGBT, the “homosexual identity” – in short, the identity is a factor of endless division and fragmentation. That swarm of minimums and groups hostile to each other, which is to Ortega y Gasset, the barbarie. It was a patology of the Eurocrazia a disease that was already reported in a 25-year-old essay by two great intellectuals during the debate on Maastricht (De l ‘ Europe en général de la France et en particulier – Marie-France Garaud et Philippe Séguin – Editions Le Pré aux Clercs -1992) . Here’s a step: “once abolished the sovereignty, nations remain with their identity. The term can only cover then an inaccurate content, customs, rituals, language, sociological originality [The Italian pasta, ed.]. The Greeks already knew that a city to preserve its gods and its temples must first be a free entity on the stage of history. It can not have a nation a true preservation of their identity without its sovereignty, precisely because it is the national authority that makes the synthesis of ethnic elements with spiritual and moral ones. ” And finally: “After all, the Indians in their reserves keep their feathers, and their tents, but their identity is very low in a national law that eludes them” . And ‘the already talk of “nature” in man It must be complemented by the “culture”, of the Ehnos that needs the Logos, as “matter” that needs to “form” – and in Europe for two thousand years the Logos is the Logos incarnated that today so that we reject totalitarian. We see this phenomenon in another form. Schauble the minister acknowledged that Germany has an export surplus, but only to blame the ECB: that with its quantitative easing keeps the euro “too low.” It is ‘hard to believe in this stupidity and bad faith to discredit the minister himself that proffers these words, if the EU had not achieved the purpose contrary to what they said they wanted to destroy: the outbreak of the most stolid national egoism and the most regressive tensions. The Germans, who after all are sentimental, in a Europe of nations would have pity on the Greeks; they would mobilize fundraisers, I’m sure, for earthquakes in central Italy; They would have contributed to the cost of the wave from the African Mediterranean. But now they do not – even worse: they feel a duty to be pityless, because it is their way of exercising hegemony, teach the lessons of austerity and not help those who have “the untidy accounts”. What he received Gentiloni in Malta, by its agreement with Libya, if not compliments. Money? No, but Italy can use more “flexibility”, ie even borrow a bit ‘, Berlin and Brussels they allow you. Germany has got the eye on those 300 billion Target 2 that’s money they lent us because we bought their BMW and VW. This prevents any unselfish impetus; deep down, Berlin feels the well-known saying: if you have a debt of 10 thousand Euros with the bank, you have a problem; if you have a debt of 300 million Euros, it is the bank to have a problem. Imagine 350 billion. Those, if we went out of the euro, we would not pay them right – and goodbye Germanic hegemony. They know that – in a West blocked by deflation to excessive debt – the only way of recovery is “monetizing the debt, cancel the debt, reduce to sustainable levels the debt to boost the economy” (Andrea Mazzalai), but they don’t and will not do it, because they believe it is their duty to teach the “discipline” (and the maximum creditors are also). “Monetizing the debt, cancel the debt, reduce to sustainable levels the government debt to boost investment” … very right (Da Nino Galloni) the bureaucratic rather than political Europe ( “Europe of nations”) “has fostered a fierce competition between countries, generated a hierarchy between winners (Germany and satellites) and integration losers, disarmed states and prohibited public measures increasingly used in the history during a crisis, the EU is killing Europe, the real one “, that of culture and truth, the Logos, friendship possible between sovereign nations.”

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Paola’s Note

This article is particularly interesting and it says a lot also about the refugee crisis, Greece and Italy are taking boats of immigrants solely because in Athen and Rome they want to. It is a criminal action by the national government against the dominat ethnicity of the country to which the members of the national governments seem to belong and there’s no excuse for it. In reality the EU is nort forcing them and cannot force them.

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