French Elections & NWO – Video in English with French subtitles- must watch.


Enjoy the french subtitles, switch them on. 

The next step in the democratic world war against the NWO is certainly the french elections, with Marine LePen, François Fillon and Emmanuel Macron playing the toughest card: LePen may just destroy the NWO and this is why I take the liberty to tell the French: “Vote her”, Fillon has a good reputation among christians and the money scandal was quite bloated, in reality those money belonged to his own budget, and he’s  a thatcherite who, according to Professor Blyth, is going to destroy the EU anyway, and Macron is…the enemy, the man of Rothschild, basically the NWO candidate.

Enjoy the video and remember if you’re french you can turn the french subtitles on.

Thanks for listening to me and do the right thing.

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