Fillon is back and this is a good thing. Macron’s speech in Lyon wasn’t bad after all, but he has no Party behind him and no written program, LePen is strong but the others may make a coalition against her as usual. The eye on the French Elections that may cancel the EU from the continent. Hopefully.

Professor Mark Blyth, University Professor of economic and political sciences one that studies the relationship between economy and politics predicted that the french elections will make the EU close before the Brexit procedure is even finished. The theory is based on the fact that both Marine LePen and François Fillon are strong and will arrive at the last turn, the leftists will vote Fillon to block LePen, but Fillon is a right wing candidate too, a thatcherite, and the EU won’t survive a thatcherite in a key nation like France. For a moment things seemed to change because a judge opened a file against Fillon for the job he officially gave his wife and though all the papers are in order, the wife didn’t seem to have worked really, here the third candidate Emmanuel Macron comes out to take Fillon’s second place in the race. The french system is different than the others, how is it possible that either Fillon a thatcherite will win or the opposite, a former socialist who seems to love, as much as he can, the EU?

Because of her, Her Ladyship, Milady Marine, in France they think that Marine LePen will reach the final stage, but then the rest of the country will unite behind anyone who’s against her in the last final vote. So, if Marine is against Fillon, Fillon should win, if Marine is against Macron, Macron, who’s the opposite of Fillon, should win; actually, you’re supposed to be lucky if you’re the enemy of LePen in final stage: it’s the anti FN panic that decides the final rush of the elections in France and this is already quite strange, because a thatcherite or a leftwinger may win only because of the identity of their enemy not because of their own. If the french read my website I’ll tell them: vote whom you like but we a re not scandalized if you vote LePen, I mean Fillon and Macron are quite different, and  Fillon voters should logically choose LePen more than Macron, in any case neither I nor many other right wing europeans are “scared” of Marine, she has a lot of fans, so vote whom you like, dear French also without LePen-induced Panic. Macron’s speech in Lyon was quite balanced he pointed out he would defend la laicité, the laic costumes in public life in France, but that’s not the point, the judges have already reverted the burkini ban and the socialists like Valls couldn’t really defend the laic identity of french public life because when they try they get blocked by the judges and by the advocates of the human rights, LePen’s solution: we stop taking immigrants and repatriate the illegal ones so we save the laicité by keeping the actual ethnic and cultural identity of France dominant and dominant will mean majority of white christians, a bit inclined to show off atheism, or doubts, but not too much, the typical half christian half atheist white frenchman, christian the light way, basically because he wants to have more fun than the nouns would allow his girlfriend so he tells her “I don’t believe in anything” from let’s say 18 to forty. It’s just for sex or for a bit of fun, if they have children they go back christening them and usually try to book a room in a college run by the hated nouns for the daughter. That’s real France and Islam is a bit disrupting it. The Muslims just can’t be cool, and the thing of multiculturalism is being driven too fast for our taste, we risk not to be able to stop it. This is why LePen may be the solution. Simon Heffer of the Telegraph, one of the Telegraph columnists in the group “I Like” in reality doesn’t appreciate either Marine or Macron and wrote that Fillon could really save the situation, Macron is perceived as vacuous, he hasn’t got the Party behind him and gave his first speech for the electoral campaign without having prepared any written political program with the signature. And there’s another point: the judges. In Italy we had the impression that the judges tried to block the politicians who had an agenda against globalisation and privatizations, what Macron says may sound ok, but if he breaks the globalist agenda, will the judicial system leave him in peace? Or will it leave him in pieces? LePen is very used to be attacked and till now she resisted, she’s steely, she can deliver her agenda really, at this point if they had means to block her they would have already done it. I don’t see Macron President he’s too politically young and it’s too soon. I am also happy that Fillon stood the ground, I don’t like when the judges try to clear the way for someone targeting the anti globalisation politicians, in Italy we had a bad experience, the italian judges have left us with the PCI former members, the communists out of metaphor, and then only Berlusconi and Fini, who was a neofascist, on the other side. Berlusconi won because he did an alliance with Fini then went begging the rabbi of Rome to accept that Fini would publicly apologize and to declare him kosher, which bargain the rabbi of Rome anyway accepted. The judges tried to pull them down but at that point they were too strong: a salesman, a fascist and a rabbi, with a little help from a northern secessionist, even they couldn’t make it up: it looked like the Brancaleone Armée, but it won.. Let’s see what happens in France. I respect Fillon but I support Marine, she’s hard enough to really deliver her promises and the Left has nothing to block her because they have already tried and failed. She’s the female Trump. Even harder and more politically skilled. The EU, both with LePen and with Fillon, is said to be over with or without Brexit that in any case will happen.


If you consider this poll, the judges have disrupted the situation, after this, to try to push Macron, the lefty candidate.

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