UK Early Elections maybe in Sight if Lords derail Brexit. I’d push Corbyn and UKIP to see if we can rid the world of the Rothschild – Israelo – establishment. PM urged to ABOLISH House of Lords if it derails Brexit | Daily Mail Online – Keep a Golden Eye on it, the people are boiling. Lady Amelia Windsor may really have a communist PM, and then enjoy it.

This is the Time, to derail the establishment. It is utterly undeserving, I think I was right in supporting UKIP but Lady Amelia Windsor, Prince Harry’s and Prince Charles’ statements about Trump made me…not change, let’s say “adjust” my mind, the Queen must be happy the heir to the throne, William and little George have the habit to shut up and don’t let magazines scrutinize their political opinion, in the end, if they skip Charles, Harry can become a vegan yoga instructor, Prince William is unscrutable and little George can be taught in time to be unscrutable too, the real problem is Charles in the middle. I mean, Lady Amelia may be happy if a real socialist like Corbyn becomes PM and I would be co-supporting him, with Farage; do you want the refugees, Amelia? Corbyn will fill you with refugees till the top and would probably give them your castles – he can -, you would deserve it, he would also abolish noble titles so you will become Miss Windsor and Harry Mr. Mountbatten or Mr. Wales, Charles I’m sorry Corbyn may choose to hang him altogether; this is what I mean, I am a right wing editor and I have Ladies and Royals raising the fist and say they want refugees “here”, “here” in your palace madam. I’d vote Corbyn also for the jews who called people like me and Trump nazis, you’ll enjoy diversity in Israel, a lot of muslim diversity. The Lord is Jesus Christ and he said “Be careful about the words you say, your own words will be used to judge you”. Do you want refugees, and bad Paola doesn’t give you and pushes the Right? No, I can push Corbyn indeed. Miss Windsor. You’ll like it. And also the so called Lords will all go back Mr and Ms or Mrs so and so like anyone else, Mr. Mandelson, Mr. Rothschild etc. These new elections in Britain look interesting, that will be a political Armageddon. Farage loves the british establishment and institutions too much and they treat him like that. Corbyn would destroy it. The more I listen to the anti-Trump british establishment, the more I think they deserve what they are calling: Corbyn PM.

Rebel Tories are plotting with pro-EU Labour, Liberal Democrat and cross-bench peers to water down the EU Bill and delay our departure from the bloc.

Source: PM urged to ABOLISH House of Lords if it derails Brexit | Daily Mail Online

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