Keep this and avoid the “muslim ban”. When the britons die of machete’s blows – all but my Readers – I’ll be glad. At a certain point not even Jesus Christ saves you against your will – £4m paid to foreign criminals and illegal immigrants | Daily Mail Online

Foreign criminals were handed £2m last year after complaining they were locked up for too long. Another £2m was given to illegal immigrants who claimed they were unlawfully detained.

Well, this link gives an idea of the fuss about the muslim ban and the real atrocities the illegals foreigners commit and moreover want back the money by the taxpayers and the judges who block Trump’s muslim ban because it’s against the human rights of such fellows as the one picted above, they say the fellow picted above the sharia patrolling muslims they’re all right and the prince – shit of Wales – is on their side and fears “it’s like the forties”. The fucking forties. Well, it’s not like the forties, in the forties there were no sharia patrols in London, and in Malmoe, imbecile. Keep your yuman rites and pedophile priests and future king and ban Trump’s attempt to put things rights, because you know people must pay for their own words: you wanted it, the sharia patrols, the pedophile prince of Wales, the judges who obey freemasonry and not the law. I stick to the previous article, the petition supported by the establishment, the stupid will to have Trump in Britain but to snub him, not even Jesus Christ saves you if you don’t want to.

Keep the muslims and the african thugs, machete wielding, as friends and pay for their stay in London. I prefer Trump, I’m a racist. As for the judges we must get rid of them and do a big Reformation of the Judiciary, but bigger than the Reformation of the Church. As Hitler said in a joke about the Nazis, yes, we say jokes about the nazis too, we’re not sorry for it, well the joke is that Hitler comes back to his very loyal supporters and tells them “Guys, we try it again, but this time, please, be bad.”

Source: £4m paid to foreign criminals and illegal immigrants | Daily Mail Online

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