SMOKING GUN: The israeli double nationals of the World Jewish Relief REALLY help asian and african “refugees” settle in Greece and the UK but NOT in Israel. Palestine must not be given to the Jews and stop.

againstcharlesIt’s not an antisemitic trope, they really do it, there’s the interview of Prince Charles you can find it in this link, an article of the Daily Mail by Stephen Glover when Glover tells His Royal Highness to better shut up if he wants to save the monarchy. Scroll down till the video, the official video of the World Jewish Relief,

Link to DM article

While Stephen Glover washes his hands of the scandal stating that:

“He – the Prince of Wales –  was speaking at a fund-raiser for World Jewish Relief, a doubtless admirable charity which was set up in 1933 to support those escaping Nazi persecution, and which is now working with those fleeing Syria and seeking new lives in Europe.” 

Honestly I don’t believe jewish israeli double nationals have any moral right to bring muslim refugees to Europe while wanting to kick the palestinians away from Israel. Because this is what they do. As for the assertion that:

“Let me say that in many ways I admire him – the Prince of Wales, again – greatly. No one could doubt that he fervently wants the world to be a better place. The Prince’s Trust, which he set up in 1976, has done an enormous amount of good for many thousands of disadvantaged children.”

Stephen Glover must remember that Charles was the high level protector of Jimmy Savile and the pedophile bishop Peter Ball who molested 18 aspiring monks and it is the news of today he was already released, this is the establishment that would like to lecture Trump. I would like to know how many children supposedly helped by Charles’ charity were raped and molested by Charles’ friends and BBC employes and bishops. I would never want to be a child helped by Charles and Savile, the two were together and Savile had access to Charles patronages and hostels for poor children.

Going back to the Jews, they must not have the state of Israel: all the muslims must have full civil rights in the so called Israel. And the double nationality must be abolished. The people who give money to the jewish charity to settle people of african and asian background to Europe are all zionists and israelis who think they can trick us. I am antizionist and according to them I’m also antisemite. And I don’t give a damn about it, about them, about Charles and about Jared and Ivanka: I am against Israel as a concept. It must not exist as a jewish state. It’s the jews who are organizing the refugee crisis to Europe and the jews must be held accountable for it and pay the full prize for it.

A true patriot must be:

against the whole Rothschild clan;

against Israel and pro Palestine;

against the double nationality.

The Palestinians must be friendly with us christians and protect and allow christians everywhere in the christian holy sites, since the Jews are much more anti-christian than they and much worse in the interracial relationship – apart the fact that they lie -, if the Palestinians do this, I give them the land. I’m not joking.

I have tolerated very badly the jewish attacks on Marine LePen, Norbert Hofer, AfD and even Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone, it is obvious they attack both left and rightwingers who do not obey Goldman Sachs. I don’t give them any Palestine and call it Palestine. They don’t deserve it.

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