60% of Dutch Police Officers want to vote for Wilders. I’d trust them. The duo Wilders-Baudet may restore the Netherlands.

Increased security in Amsterdam following Brussels attacks

According to a mini poll 60% of dutch police officers will vote Wilders. It may be more though.

I’d trust the dutch police about it, there is a mini poll about the intention of vote inside the police that gives Geert Wilders’s party at a 60% preference, many police officers may not want to say it and the real percentage, among cops, may even be more. The situation in Europe got deranged because of the refugee crisis and open borders, many Dutch make no mistake and no secret in admiring the Brexit Britain, Holland was used to be a very high standard of living country and now this standard, no matter what the left and Rutte say, it’s diminished not raised. Rutte himself talks about immigrants who just do not want to integrate in dutch society, make a fuss about black Pete and then throw litters in the streets, and it’s not just that: the long list of EU declared “human rights” blocks too much the justice job and deportation, wealthy or at least well integrated non white Dutch confess their temptation is to vote for Wilders too. Obviously, the ones who made it and are not scared of deportation they don’t want new comers, but at a certain point a country must work, you cannot pack too many people in Rotterdam. I’d like Geert to win and to be Prime Minister, even though I can’t stand his pro Israel policy and I stick to my pro Palestine position; but we cannot damage Europe thinking always about Israel, Palestine and the Middle East, Europe must work the european way not like a third world country.

The Police officers and soldiers who may vote PVV may be more than the declared ones and the taboo is broken. A non white Dutch who opened up about the intention to vote right wing said he doesn’t like the EU, they can say what they like but he was in the army and he saw soldiers pretending to shoot during the exercitations because they run out of bullets and the government didn’t buy them. A lot of people want to turn right wing, personally when you see that Wilders has to walk protected by security, and can meet his wife only once per week in a secret location you should smell that the left has already damaged too much our freedom, we shouldn’t have let them go that far. I hope he wins, to break another taboo and make Europe change direction from “the values of the EU” No bullets for the army, immigrants, Great values. They are a bunch of losers. Better vote Right wing, please Dutch do it really.


Geert Wilders

I can’t say I like him hundred percent, but I can’t see any other choice. Before we run out of bullets completely. After all, he’s the only one who had the courage to go on until this point. With bullet proof jacket and with bodyguards and with a smashed down family life.

The Leftists cannot make it illegal to be Right wing. To make Right wing parties win all over the West may restore real Democracy and give us full freedom of speech and overthrow the lefty corporation NWO.


The reader Michael in the comment board asks me the source of the poll, well it’s, as I called it, a mini poll in one station, I found the piece of information here . I imagine, particularly after this summer that in the Police and in the Army the percentage of Right wing voters must be much higher, but usually police officers don’t exernate their political opinions…

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  1. And as you read the original article, it all becomes much clearer. Someone is quoted, who heard from another person (an unnamed “senior policeman”), that “60 per cent of his officers will vote for the Freedom Party”. Hardly anywhere near reliable information, but by the time it is posted here, its “60% of Dutch Police Officers want to vote for Wilders”, and that’s how fake news is being cooked.

    The Daily Mail article you so liberally quote from also laments how “The traditional jobs in the Nieuwkoop area, once famed for producing peat and bullrushes, have all but gone.” I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to work in peat and bullrushes production. We also don’t have flint-stone tool craftsmen anymore, so what? These jobs disappeared in early 20th century, hardly to be blamed on Muslim migrants or globalization, isn’t it?


    • Police officers do not tell publicly for whom they vote and the source wanted to stay anonymous, I believe it is perfectly representative and I called it a mini poll. I am conivnced they are more, Wilders’ Party is the first in the country and seems set to win the official polls give him at 21%, among the soldiers and police officers the percentage for Right wing vote is always much higher.


      • I’m sorry, is your “source” for soldiers “and police voting right wing is as credible as the one for the 60% figure?

        A “poll” is when multiple people are actually asked something, not when someone tells someone and that person is telling it on – that’s called gossip.

        I believe the official term for such “information” is now “alternative facts”.


  2. You got his name right in the tags, but wrong in the post (and the title).


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