Tunisia does not allow tunisian citizens suspected of being jihadis back home. Is this a muslim ban? Moroccan establishment goes tough againt Burqas and islamic terrorism. While Israel is behind false flag terror attacks and must become an american protectorate.


The french must stop copying the israelis shooting at people armed with knives, they are hijacked by Rothschild who’s a mason and israeli. If they don’t stop they’ll end up being despised like the israelis.

Tunisia and Morocco are the muslim countries Italy has the best relationship with: they fight both clandestine immigration and terrorism and define themselves as muslim countries, but: in Morocco it is prohibited to sell and wear burqas and in Tunisia people in the streets did a rally against letting back in the country 5000 suspected returning jihadis, a thing that is similar to Trump’s so called “muslim ban”. While in Sweden the swedish police is asked to behave like walking puddings, they can’t be tough whatsoever against terrorism and in the muslim areas of the countries they just don’t set a foot. The situation is unbelievable and the guilt belongs to the Left.

While Israel is organizing fake terror attacks in France to show the world “we are all like Israel now”. Which is untrue: an armed police officer cannot kill a person armed with a knife, moreover all this new intifada of the knives is the last cruel invention of Netanyahu, a war criminal and a terrorist himself. The israelis shoot palestinians and say they were armed with knives or even scissors, then thanks to the french Rothschilds and Valls organize the same in Paris to show off “it’s not we the only ones who do it, the french do it too”. I believe that the guilt of Israel doubles down the eventual merits; at this point the americans should kill off the country and state: if you want american money you must become an american protectorate, then let palestinians and jews live there like the romans did when Jesus Christ was born, but without political and military power. This is the solution, they must not be helped with their false flags, the claims about the rise in antisemitism do not take into consideration what’s happening in Palestine, the last news is that the israelis thrashed down a palestinian publisher’s office “for incitement to terror”.

I have made up my mind: I’m sorry for the poor jews in good faith, but Netanyahu is a monster, the terror attacks in Paris are done by the Rothschilds-controlled minions and at this point I am against the state of Israel: it should become an american protectorate. The jews, having political and military power they actually do worse than any other. I don’t care about the nazis. End of. Israel must stop to exist as a sovereign state, their power comes from america, they should become an american protectorate or left alone – alone – against the arabs.

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