Beyond Infowars. “Liberal Elites” are no liberals and no Elites: they are slaves. They CANNOT really choose, this is why there is the chinese-democracy-level unanimity in Hollywood. What does make you think Madonna is an intellectual?

I want to comment on an interesting video posted by Infowars reporters, about why the “liberal elites in Hollywood” don’t condemn Berkeley’s violence and they call for a “military coup” to overthrow Trump…You may think the big thing is Hollywood calling for a military coup. No, the thing is Infowars still calling these people “liberal” “elite”.

These are the Hollywood “intellectual” actors and singers. If they still sing. I would like to be clear with you: what does make you think that Madonna reads Schopenhauer when she goes to the bathroom? Why do you insist calling cheap starlets who owe quite a huge lot to the Illuminati you would like them to condemn, as if they could, “liberals” let alone “Elite”. It’s slaves dressed in expensive clothes, but they cannot really choose. See what happened to Kanye West when he tried to show off he could choose: he got interned in a psychiatric yard, nothing less. When you see israeli double national starlets like Natalie Portman who don’t dare and praise Trump when he was pro-Israel and you can see she’s scared not to end up in a psychiatric yard – for females – like Kanye West, and then if someone tries like Nicole Kidman, the most courageous after all, suddenly, the whip, because it is a whip. Slaves are kept with the whip and the chains, after all. If you want to listen to me, after a certain number unanimity is almost impossible. The very fact that all the Hollywood starlets agreed about everything and the one who disagreed got interned should give you the answer, why do you think they “can” choose?

Look at the woman in the photograph above, what talent has she got? I’m italian and in Italy, unlike Madonna and Kanye West, she is a perfect unknown, the Infowars reporters who are americans say she’s not even funny, the level of the quality is going down but the level of obedience is up. In the past there was a bit more talent and a bit more freedom, Bruce Willis could say “I am republican” and still not being sacked, now the Illuminati have quite closed the gates. No talent, no freedom and they are losing. They seem not to want to give the success to people who might turn against them once successful, they even humiliated them till the point they cancelled the phrase “and the winner is…” and substituted it with the less flattering “and the Oscar goes to…” to mark they are not the winners, to destroy their ego a bit more. So please, with this liberal elite. They are neither liberal nor elite.

Watch Infowars video, at that level, the level of Infowars reporters, they should know that these Hollywood people are just doing a job; they don’t give an eff about Trump and about the country, they just hope to have a photograph on the next red carpet. From this cynicism, that’s extreme, comes the apparent contradiction of supporting both gay weddings and muslim immigration: Paul, come on, they don’t give a damn about both. They have already built a bunker where to hide. They are like prostitutes: you pay them, they do it. Why should Madonna or other people who got famous with mild-obscene videos being taken into account as political correspondents? After all. After all. After all.

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  1. hi… who owns hollywood…and infowars…by the way…


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