When Harry Met Trump: at this point I almost want that the UK had an idiot as PM instead of Theresa May and they REALLY cancelled the US President’s official visit. Come on, cancel it. Prince Harry is ‘not a fan’ of Donald Trump claims report | Daily Mail Online

New Harry’s lost face: from brave soldier and good hunter to  friend of the living rhinos, engaged to a yoga obsessed celebrity, when will he tell us he’s vegetarian? When will he reveal he can’t understand us bad meat-eaters? This is a man who, a century ago told us “Of course I killed people, I am a soldier”. Now, of course, the new Harry he’s concerned about the human rights of the UN and of his Yoga celebrity girlfriend, still maybe a bit better than the dumb half italian cousin who’s the royal communist. Ok, I have the impression that the DM is playing game: no one knew about te prince’s dislike for Trump before today’s edition of the DM, so they want us to know. Why? Did he go so cheap from useless to damaging? But I am no communist, I respect the institutions, I expect Trump to cancel the state visit before another royal externates his feelings towards him. Theresa May is simply too smart, the daughter of the Vicar, to even dream to cancel the official state visit of the President of the USA in the UK. Do they intend to go on like this? Insulting the President and praising the SR – Special relationship –  you britons will soon have a Princess of Wales who’s famous for the hot scenes in third level TV romances, everybody will have seen the royal boobs and bottoms and we all know how she fakes orgasms for the cameras. Trump may really cancel the State Visit if you go on like this, just like the funds to that marxist-communist outpost of Berkely.

I’d like to: I’d like the Donald to really do it and leave you sitting on the bottom of your ass with your Rothschilds friends: you, Charles, Harry, the hot princess and the dumb cousin.

I’m bored. Brexit has taken off, now it’s just a matter of details. Another good show from the Donald humiliating the Royals would do to make me laugh. Charles will have to deny publicly that the Climate change ever existed. And the Daily Mail will have to show the photograph of the future King on his knees to beg company and a visit from the President of the USA. Donald, do it. You’re bold enough.

The Prince has apparently been open about his dislike for the President since he began his election campaign in 2015, it has been revealed by a source close to the royals.

Source: Prince Harry is ‘not a fan’ of Donald Trump claims report | Daily Mail Online

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