She is stupid: Royal rebel Amelia Windsor’s anti-Trump protest | Daily Mail Online. Not only, she dares and show the closed fist that’s the symbol of communism – if she knows it – she is retarded

This article of the MailOnLine deserves attention particularly for the comments of the readers about Amelia Windsor, cheap, stupid till bordering being retarded relative of the Queen, says “refugees welcome here”. Here where? Her house? her palace? she does not even enter common pubs to meet “commoners” but only members-only clubs where she meets only other rich ones and goes around private islands. But last but not least, she dares and show off the closed fist symbol, I don’t suppose she knows it’s a symbol of communism; idiot Amelia, give your money away and live in a communist society where aristocracy, religion and private property are forbidden. If she meets a real gang of refugees I won’t be sorry: she is ignorant and stupid, but this time she borders being retarded. By luck Prince Harry doesn’t like her.

The 36th in line to the throne, daughter of the Earl and Countess of St Andrews and granddaughter of the Duke of Kent, has posted this picture on Instagram backing refugees.

Source: Royal rebel Amelia Windsor’s anti-Trump protest | Daily Mail Online


I could have inserted this article into the “Royals” category, but I won’t do it, I leave it “uncategorized” she’s really too dumb.

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