Ok, Amelia Windsor may be clueless and ingenuous, but you must be a right wing editor one day to understand the level of rage when you have to fight against lies and the attempt to destroy your Nation. And you find people who own private islands talking to you about no borders.

Obama and Richard Branson are no-borders for you and the quarter of town where you live, but they don’t let anyone getting near their private islands, because they think they are special and tell you not to use a high energy toaster or hairdryer because it creates pollution but their private jets do not create so much pollution as your toaster. That’s why they want you to stick to the EU-regulation, the climate change, if it is real, according to the EU is due to your british toaster not to their private jet. Got it?

I am a fighter I’m not a doll, even though sometimes I still have a doll’s face in some videos. God gave me this: a high level aggressivity and to still have a doll’s face even I sometimes find too tender for my character, and I believe I’m lucky.

I want to be clear about Amelia Windsor: she may be just ingenuous showing the closed fist of the communists, certainly I don’t suppose she’s against the Royal family and/or against private property, she went to a private school, what do they teach in these private schools? State schools are dumbed down in the UK and private schools seem at times just more expensive, but rather have a dumbed down curriculum too. Even before they wanted to expel Kant and Plato “because they are white”.

But Amelia Windsor, partially italian – I am italian, but I don’t do this article for this I wouldn’t care if she were half congolese – is not the first aristocrat who shows off she / he is on the side on the communists against us. Italy is full with rich people who own private islands who support no-borders – hopefully they seem to have changed their minds – and if Prince Harry wanted to marry one of them or Meghan Markle, another supporter of Hillary’s as we unfortunately knew, it’s a problem of his. I would like to know whether this aristocratic support for the open borders is just casual or if David Icke is right in saying “they do it because they organize the NWO”. Now about Amelia she may really be a bit clueless, maybe or maybe not, but there is the list of rich people who insult nationalists and various right wingers, look at Richard Branson who happens to own a private, a fucking private, island, where no one can land if not strictly invited by him, and he talks against Trump and pro no borders! No-borders where? idiot? Let them in your private, fucking private, island! I can’t stand them. And I’m going to be very nasty against them, so if you don’t want to be insulted think twice before supporting open borders!

Trump is a hero and I mean it, also his close collaborators are heroes. Read this article by the New Yorker about the new habit of the new billionaires to buy huge properties in New Zealand and build bunkers there, because literally “they are scared of the world they are creating” they knew their open borders society is a nonsense and were ready to emigrate in huge bunker-private-properties and it’s Trump who stopped them, Trump who had enough money to close himself in a bunker in new Zealand too, if he had wanted to, but preferred to fight to save his country.

I’ve got nothing against Amelia, unless she tries again, voluntarily, but try to be a right wing editor for a week, try to fight against the loads of nonsense, the lies, the LGBT activists who tell you Islam is a religion of peace and white men are the problem and you you become tougher and tougher and think “I would like them to live really in a sharia patrol zone, to see the muslims dealing with third wave feminists and trans and no, you know, you wouldn’t cry for them” Try to fight against the defenders of Obama the Saint Killer, a man who ordered hundreds of extrajudicial executions through drones, who financed the jihad, the throat-cutters, who bombed Libya and massacred million of real muslims and won the Nobel Prize for Peace and he also banned iraqi refugees and non refugees from entering the USA for 6 months and the leftists don’t even know it. Because television didn’t tell them, as it didn’t tell them that the amount of people slaughtered in the Middle East under Obama and Hillary – that they wanted to vote as President instead of our Trump – is superior to many republican President’s slaughter-achievements, tell them that Hillary was a neocon cube while Trump has sacked Nuland and the neocons.

And then there are “the refugees”, but if you don’t even enter a pub not to mix with people who are not as rich as you, because these people like Branson like Amalia Windsor & Co. not only they have private islands where they don’t let anyone in, certainly not refugees, only very vetted guests, selected on the base of their money and their power and their physical appearance, they in London enter clubs for members only, also Chuka Ummuna, that may look like pubs but they are no common pubs, they are very exclusive members only areas precisely because they don’t want to mix.

I forgive once Amelia because she’s 19, but Richard Branson is not 19, Obama is not 19.

And I’m not 19 either.

Thanks for making me a fighter. Whatever. I’ll fight to defend Trump and the West: we internet writers were accused of putting him there and this is a honour – not only for Infowars – now we’re going to defend him, I’m not going to leave him alone when attacked. That would be vile. He didn’t win alone, you should have known it.

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