Month: February 2017

Egyptian Journalist Minimizes Holocaust Numbers, Argues Hitler’s Murder of Jews Was Justified. Before Hitler’s anti-jews laws the jews controlled 50% of the media and up to 70% of the judges in Germany plus promoted…gay culture.

An Egyptian journalist wrote an op-ed claiming that Hitler only murdered between 100,000-600,000 Jews – and not six million – and that he was justified in doing so because Jews had seized control of Germany, spreading pornography and homosexuality as… Read More ›

Dear Right wing IT experts, let’s found new sharing platforms, I’m sick to death of facebook, youtube not to mention twitter, they’re leftwing and for a platform to be free is not enough: it must be fair.

I’m sick of the left, and I’m sick of leftwing sharing platforms like facebook, youtube, not to mention twitter, they do tricks against rightwing authors, lately on youtube they do not allow me commenting on my own comment board or… Read More ›

ISIS is all around Israel because it is probably an israeli creation. End of. The wall Israel’s building robs christian owners of vineyards, why should we help the Israelis and not the Arab Christians?

Source by Maurizio Blondet February 25, 2017 0 “The wall of Caiaphas does not shock the West”* “Just beyond the southern edge of Jerusalem, where the city goes almost to merge with Bethlehem, it continues unstoppable – near the settlement of Gilo –… Read More ›

Trump, don’t give them Jerusalem, they are pigs: US Jews Condemn Trump’s Deportation Rules, but Back Israel’s – The New Observer – Not only, in Israel there’s an office to faciliate the immigration of non jewish arabs and africans to Europe, USA, Australia & Co. I.Hate.Them. Fuck them All. Abolish the double nationality with these pigs! 

All the major Jewish activist groups in America—including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—have come out in opposition to the new deportation guidelines announced by the Trump administration—but continue to back Israel’s deportation rules, which… Read More ›

Dear Trevor Phillips, it isn’t over-sensitivity that prevents people to talk openly about race but the judges who arrest the ones who do not comply with their political – lefty – part. ‘No hiding from language police’ Trevor Phillips ‘branded racist’ | UK | News |

I don’t put it on political correctness, whatever it means, in reality it’s the judges who arrest or block people who don’t talk political correct because they are politically committed on the Left, the hate speech laws must be abolished,… Read More ›