Obama and leftists totally unpresentable: Obama did the same as Trump in 2011 and the leftists don’t even know it. Nigel Farage lists the times the leftists did the same as Trump while the informed press must put a bit of rationality in all this mess. Please.

Some headlines are a bit embarrassing…why should the Queen be in a “difficult position” in welcoming Trump after having welcomed Obama who actually did the same? And moreover bombed Libya?

The press must wake up. This is an “I beg your Pardon” situation. Really, I do beg your pardon, Obama and many countries that no one criticize did the very same as Trump if not more extended in time.

Please, Readers, listen to Farage’s interview with the BBC and decide what’s fake news.

Obama is unpresentable, if loads of cheap leftists can not know what he did – he banned all iraqi citizens entering the USA under any circumstance – aka included the refugees and their families – he certainly can remember it, moreover Obama’s ban lasted six not three months. See chronicles 2011.


Really, Readers. I do beg your pardon.

Come on.

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