Netanyahu is linear thinking: he approves of Trump’s wall, ’cause he did it and says it works. I try to give voice to linear thinking Jews, like this we ‘ll find an agreement. Unless he’s mixed with the refugee crisis.


At least that’s linear not labyrinthical thinking. 

At least Netanyahu, who has some problems at home with the judges, also in Israel, the judges, like Berlusconi in Italy, Fillon in France… they can form the persecuted by the leftwing judges club. Well in all this judges story I recognize that the same things happening in Italy and in France are happening in Israel too, the judges try to block rightwing politicians, whether jews like Netanyahu or catholic like Fillon, the judges tried to stop Brexit in Britain and the Trump’s ban, but I believe the american system gives so much power to the President, also the power of appointing supreme court’s judges btw that with Trump they won’t make it – and I repeat also Israel and Obama banned the people they liked but only now that “our” President does it the Soros-paid left wakes up, and they must apologize for this.

But the big news, positive one, is Netanyahu’s public, tweeted obviously, support for the Wall.

Dante’s said “Three things are left of Paradise: the flowers, the stars and the children”

We can say “Two things are left of the american campaign: the deplorables and the wall”

Well, I asked in my video “Defend Trump’s policy on immigration” that I put my face and my name on it, do it too, this is for Jake Smith I didn’t say “faith” I said “face” because in Italy it’s a strong way of saying “Ci metto la faccia” “I put my face on it” meaning my whole reputation and I said “Do it too” well Netanyahu, with all his judges’ problems, like Berlusca and Fillon, did put his face and name on it saying “I did it, it works. Great wall, great idea” Also Orban did it and said it works. So the jewish front is divided between linear right wing who want for themselves what they want for the others and the evil leftists who want western civilization to disappear. Nevermind that Reuvlin apologized for the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister didn’t apologize and after all their wall is still there. At least Netanyahu is not lost in the maze like the leftists, he knows what he wants and knows his allies. Call Orban, Berlusconi and Putin and make a boy band. Next year, if we’re still here tweeting wall no wall, you’ll be joined by Marine LePen (or Fillon). No Left Forever. The Nightmare must over.

And now that in Canada a white guy killed some muslims, well in Paris  they killed more french, I’m not changing my mind on immigration for that, it’s dangerous to fill your country with mosques and muslims or Black Lives Matter potential activists. I am still for extreme vetting and low number if the culture they come from is not western. And the possibility to repatriate them quickly if they misbehave. Look at Sweden, I don’t like the socialist pro immigration Sweden not even in the least. A bit like Netanyahu: I know what I want, and that’s the problem of the Left, I’m not confused neither a little nor at all.

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