If you ask yourself why Soros gives away so much money for the post-defeat protests, well unfortunately once in Finland they got something: the right had won the referendum to ban gay weddings, the leftists protested and the Parliament legalized it against the referendum. But this is not democracy.


Beautiful Helsinki, but Soros managed to trick them, in Britain it must not happen and in Finland they must revert legislation to respect the decision of the finnish Demos: no gay weddings

One can ask oneself why does Soros give away so much money to fund post-defeat protests; all of them, the Remainers’ protest, the anti Trump’s victory protest, even now that Trump is doing an act that “their” Obama did in 2011 and they said nothing.

Well unfortunately it did happen in the past, in Finland that a lefty protest was taken into account more than a referendum by the Parliament and this is what Soros and Gina Miller are trying to obtain with the anti-Brexit protests.

It went like this, unlike what happened in “catholic” Ireland where the referendum about gay weddings was won, strangely, by the pro gay lobby, in protestant Finland it went the other way round; the referendum stated that the Fins didn’t want gay marriages. The leftists organized rainbow protests in front of the Parliament and shockingly, because it is shocking, the finnish Parliament, on the base of a protest, legalized gay weddings against the result of the referendum.

Only, this is not Democracy. It’s not that after you think, consider and go to the ballot box and moreover win, you have also to go down Helsinki fighting and rioting against the always demonstrating Left to reaffirm your vote. Democracy is one thing, “rallycracy” is another. The leftists organize a lot of Rallies because Soros tries to repeat the scandalous “victory” he had in Helsinki. He gives away his money and energy for this reason, he hopes that the Rally will be taken more in consideration than the general elections or the referendum: this must not happen, in Britain Soros is trying to create a situation where “since there is the rally against Trump and against Brexit, both Trump and Brexit can be banned” some MPs play his game, but his game is unacceptable in a solid democracy. The rally is just an expression of free speech, cannot substitute the ballot box and in Finland they should have never allowed that the rally and a couple of sell out journalists count more than the referendum or even the elections. The finnish Parliament should have never legalized gay weddings and must revert the legalization banning it to respect the finnish Demos.

The british Parliament  must not fall into this trap, if the Parliament does not apply the will of the people, the Monarch must call new General Elections and give the people the possibility to change MPs. The alternative that the Parliament can revert Brexit on the base of a rally and a protest or a petition is unacceptable. The Parliament is neither the Sovereign nor the people, it has to represent the people. If they don’t want to do it out of their conscience, strange conscience that defends the EU btw, the people must vote again to choose new MPs.

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