Because Hitler. . . – – The Jews can fancy themselves clever with this use of the Holocaust, but…because Hitler, they’ll never have Israel: they built their own cage.

Interesting piece by Richard Spencer, with an interesting title “Because Hitler” – that I link – where he underlines and marks how all the liberal lefty agenda has the Holocaust at its core and the driven forces of the liberals are jews who use the Holocaust to stop the whites or europeans having and defending their identity. But. The Jews fancy themselves much cleverer than they really are, they lost the track of the Arianna’s thread in the middle of the Minotaur’s maze and the minotaur, first or later they’ll meet him. Theseus could fight and win against the Minotaur because Arianna was helping him from outside the maze keeping the end of the thread not to make him lose himself in the maze; the Jews in the Middle of the Middle East, surrounded by enemies are voluntarily, like imbeciles who fancy themselves too strong, stronger than they really are, cutting the Arianna’s thread by themselves inimicating voluntarily the “aryans” aka the white christians, their sole help against the arabs. In their crazy superiority complex they’re getting lost in the maze: without the white americans and britons they just cannot survive and they are teasing them and teasing them again with their anti-white agenda that one day, like everything, they’ll have to pay. They finance charities to fill Europe and White America of refugees and muslim immigrants and not to help the muslims that they evidently hate, but just to damage the white christians and it shows. It shows when another jewish charity set up solely to bring muslims to America is revealed in an interview during which its president can’t even spell one american value. Without Arianna they’ll die. Arianna it’s we.

For a couple of clever and grateful Jews who shout their support for Trump, there are they, the liberals, the leftists, the Holocaust centered ones who organize the anti-Trump agenda, the anti white agenda, the anti- christian agenda. I don’t see them be really like Theseus, and even Theseus couldn’t fight alone, when they face the Minotaur, and they will, they’ll miss us. They’ll call us by name. But. The thread is already worn, if it breaks.

I give you this message: stop the refugee crisis and the anti white agenda, support openly Donald Trump or  we fucking white christians leave you alone against the arabs. All of them.

Theseus abandoned Arianna after she helped him, and this is what the Jews plan to do with us, what they actually did, but we won’t do her mistake, we are not in love with them.

Can you hear me? From the middle of the maze? I’m not that in love with you. I won’t cry.

I have already decided to abandon them.

This week, the activist Jewish community in the United States forcefully reminded the world that, no matter how much we might moralize the Holocaust, no matter how much we might glean from it lesso…

Source: Because Hitler. . . –

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