Dear Israelis and Americans it’s about time we close the UN and substitute it with only the security council to avoid war. When the Right wins in Italy Italy will be in the group. Why the arab countries can ban entrance to whom they f*****g like but the US can’t? I am sick of them. Completely.


The UN is the third world united

The real motto of my character is this: when I’m sick, it’s worse than when I’m angry.

I have never managed to make people suffer so well more than when I get sick of them, when I’m sick I make them disappear. We make disappear the UN. I am sick of them all, but the security council to avoid and clarify war issues, the rest…there’s the dustbin out there for where to put them.

Now, my usual readers know how I feel about the Israelis, Rothschild and co. But if I have to say that once the Israelis said it right, it’s when they said “If I do a thing that the UN considers breach of human right they open the procedure of human rights breach, if the arabs do the same, if they do worse everybody shuts up, there’s no procedure for breaching the human rights”. It’s true, not only, a couple of years ago the UN dared to say that Britain was the most sexist country in the world, more than India and Pakistan…the burqa belt, and they opened a human rights breach procedure for english men still had the habit to joke at women, in Britain probably feminism was invented and in India there are gang rapes on the public transports, in Pakistan women are forced under the burqa there are forced marriages, but no, the UN got it against Britain.

We “white christians” are accused of being against LGBT rights when we are against gay weddings, though we respect privacy and sexual orientation as a private thing, the arabs can throw gays out of the rooftop, kill them, and …enjoy the silence, I don’t understand whether they are all muslims at the UN or just west-haters and…I used to hate them, now after the last “Trump broke the human rights for the 90 days immigration block from 7 seven countries” while the arab countries can deny entrance to whom the fuck they like and no one says anything, why? Is Pakistan sovereign and the USA not sovereign? In the muslim countries they can ban christianity but we should build mosques for the refugees, the muslims no matter how filthy rich they are can not take one and I say one refugee of their own religion but Europe and USA should open borders, arms, legs and hole of the bottom. No I don’t do it and this time it’s over, I want to close the UN. It’s a waste of money in the best case in the worst case the money are actively used against the West. Now that there is Trump in the White House we can do it. I am sick. I am sick of being used for the muslims, I’m sick of their fucking women with that chador I can’t stand them. I don’t want them: we close the UN. We make an effective council only for the peace and war processes, without the rest, de-fund that anti-white-westerners machine. That shithole full of pedophiles and as for Rothschild I tell the Israelis, your daddy is wrong and he’s been wrong with you too, if he and his clan had wanted only Israel after 80 years at this point they would have already got it; Julius Caesar in ten years conquered all France, ok he was Caesar, but the WWII lasted four years and settled the entire world but Israel, Roger d’Hauteville and his brother Robert conquered Sicily in one year and half: you’ve been tricked, it’s 70 years you stay there and you are frankly not getting anywhere, Rothschild doesn’t want only Israel, he wants Israel, the NWO, destroying the white christians beginning with Italy, putting down Putin: he/they are making a mess and they risk to come out with nothing and killing Israel too, I used to be pro Israel then I found out the prominent zionists Rothshcild, Soros, DeBenedetti are leading the refugee crisis and I have to hate you, they put people against you, the white christians and Putin, they have too many things to do, they want to do the NWO, the NWO is one thing, Israel is not the NWO it’s just another state. But they put themselves against the italians and now we must be against Israel, they put themselves against Putin and Putin will be first or later against Israel, someone make them calm down these jewish bankers, in my opinion they are getting lost in their own maze. And the goym the goym, don’t talk too much about the goym, also Julius Caesar was a goy, a goy King in 70 years war would have built an empire, you are still sitting on the bottom of your ass. You’ll never have it for the UN, but the UN now we close it and I mean it.

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