US-UK “Special” Relationship is at odds while in the UK they don’t call pregnant women expectant mothers not to offend trangenders and perceive themselves as multicultural in America the judeo-christian Right won. General Elections in the UK will tell us which are UK values.


Trump & Farage are the living Special Relationship, but the voters should approve it – or not -.

It may be just a matter of time for the re-alignment while at the moment the Judeo-christian Right in America rules and bans muslims and cancels LGBT issues from the President’s website, in the UK they still perceive themselves as multicultural, oppose the muslim ban and…the authority for medicine bans people from calling pregnant women “expectant mothers” not offend transgenders.


New General Elections in the UK will tell us if the british public confirms the LGBT pro-muslim politicians or will promptly substitute them with christian-centric not too much LGBT please ones, so new elections could give us a new alignment in the american direction or if this alignment doesn’t happen the special relationship is limited to a personal friendship between Trump and Farage. Let’s talk about the muslims. We don’t want to live like them, if Islam is so wonderful they must be absorbed by already rich muslim countries, the idea that we have to take them in the West is offensive towards us. Saudi Arabia doesn’t want refugees but wants to pay for building mosques in Germany where the refugees should be settled; with the cost of a new mosque in Germany they could settle many refugees in their own country, it is obvious that what they want to do at the UN is using the refugees to destroy western nations: we have no duty whatsoever to take really all these muslim immigrants, Katie Hopkins and Farage are pro Trump, let’s see if their Party wins in the next elections. At the moment UK and US are not on the same line but till yesteryear in the US there was Obama. The trans-agenda is scary, “don’t say mother not to offend transpeople” Better Trump and Pence, the two of them.

It goes without saying that during the next general elections everywhere three topics must be openly and frankly discussed:

  1. Christianity; whether the West is still christian and Christianity has to be preserved also not accepting mass immigration from muslim countries.
  2. Racism; whether it is “normal” or not that the westerners are mainly white and this cannot be put in question as a “bad thing” in itself. Or as a good thing.
  3. LGBT rights or abuse; what do we want as a society to give and not to give to gays, lesbians and trans. And if we really want our children to be taught they’re neither males nor females by DNA.

And politicians must state clearly in the electoral campaign what’s their position about Christianity, as official or not, racism and being ethnic europeans, gay marriages or homosexuality is an illness – which thing in my opinion is – and finally the hate speech laws and free speech. There must not be shyness about these issues only like this the elections will set the new values or confirm the traditional values of the country. Probably the UK would realign with the USA, many people confronted with the gay and trans and agenda said “When I voted, I didn’t vote for this”, because this, the transagenda is being pushed by the “Illuminati” possibly without saying it. They tried to “impose” it as a set of values while we must never allow the transagenda to be put in practice and revert the tendency started by the Left moving again towards the real christian values as they did in the USA, no matter if the liberals cry. Children and babies have more rights than the liberals.

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