Muslim ban is right, we don’t want to see burqas and burkinis, we don’t like sharia-patrols and Malmoe and we despise Merkel: we like Trump and will defend him.


Trump’s “muslim ban”

The Left has let every cat and dog into our nations it is right that someone has the guts to repatriate the illegals and the unwanted and to stop the arrivals; we had burqas in our streets, sharia patrols and burkinis in Cannes: we do not like it and stick to, support and praise Trump’s muslim ban, we wanted it when we voted and we are glad he’s doing it quickly.

I don’t like Malmoe where the police resigns and says they cannot control many areas, we don’t like the Paris transformed into a  ghetto by Hollande and the commie mayor Hidalgo, we don’t want mosques in our territories, they have to stop taking people from so different cultures in our lands. I stick to Trump, bravo.

I take and share the moral and political responsibility for this stop to immigration from muslim countries.

The Left patronized by George Soros, Rothschild and whitie non jewish masons hidden among christians wanted to make the islamification of the West irreversible, they took too many people, documented and undocumented, used fake human rights to block the repatriation, used the accusation of racism to block the police from arresting dark skinned criminals.

We wanted to put an end to it. I am responsible, Trump is responsible, yes if in some details there can be some flaws, the whole policy of re-westernize the West and ban muslims from forming colonies in our countries is good. I don’t like the situation in Malmo and I don’t like the “sharia-feminists” who insult female genitals mutilation victim Hirsi Ali, she had to be protected as a muslim family woman who was subjected to mutilation, but the Left in the name of anti-racism instead wanted to legalize sharia and female genital mutilation in the West. As for the UN and the rights to asylum, do not try to trick me, the muslim refugees can be absorbed in rich muslim countries and we take the christians, the right to asylum is no way to impose sharia and islamification to the West, the rich arabs have money enough to help their religious brothers. I know what they want, they don’t want to help the poor they want my land, and we dont’ give them.

Bravo Trump.

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  1. How in ****s name did I land around this corner of the ‘net?


    • As a snowflake you’ll get along muslims who do Sharia patrols very well, good luck, I won’t cry for you. You must enjoy their non political correct habits. Or tell me the muslims are politically correct with gays, gender, women, Trans & Co. I don’t care, you would deserve to stay with them. Seriously. I hope you experience it.


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