From the height of having had 5 terror attacks in 18 months in France Hollande cannot citicize Trump ’cause if Trump’s answer is the “muslim ban” remember that Hollande’s answer was “You have to get used to terror attacks, there’ll be more”. I prefer Trump.


Sad losers Merkel and Hollande

If there are two politicians who cannot criticize Trump’s ban from immigration from jihadi hotbed countries is precisely the two who do it: Hollande and Merkel.

Hollande has a record in Europe and in the entire West: he managed to have 5 and say 5 terror attacks in France in 18 months – not even in Cambodia – and all he could say to the french was “Get used to it, there’ll be more, we can’t stop immigration only for that” echoed by Valls, his Prime Minister.

Trump’s answer was more american “I do not get used to terror attacks, I rather block immigration from the seven countries where jihadis are trained according to my intelligence”. I bet Trump’s solution is about to work, in France they are waiting for the next terror attack promised by Hollande the prophet “There’ll be more”.

Trump is tough/rough, but he gave an answer that wasn’t “ok, guys, I’m rich I’ll close my self in a bunker, because there’s going to be another attack. I’m sorry for you fucking racists, keep the muslims”. People who criticize Trump really gave no other answer that “terrorism – terrorism – is no excuse for not taking millions of muslims refugees & co.”. No, I believe honestly terrorism is a good reason for not allowing people in your country that may justify, sympathize with the jihad. Merkel has the mass groping scandal on her back and I’m sick of middle eastern men who think western women are whores. I’m sick of them, I don’t want them. Bravo Trump part III.

He does something, Merkel and Hollande said basically “It’s just a terror attack, get over it”. Because this is what they said. Sack them. And stop.

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