Again, the outrage is staged: Soros-Funded Groups Behind Effort to Stop Trump’s Refuge Ban. Someone had noticed there was more “outrage” for the visa ban than for bombing Libya and training jihadis in Syria – all done by Soros backed Saint Obama…

Yes, Galloway had noticed it…the liberals are protesting more now for a visa ban to stop returning jihadis than they ever did – ’cause they never did it – when Libya was bombed and Obama killed millions of muslims destroying their country or when John McCain and Lindsay Graham trained jihadis and throat cutters in Syria against Assad and they slaughtered innocent civilians, no outrage then, Saint Killer Obama was backed by Soros and Soros is apparently the one who’s paying the staged outrage and the lawyers against the “intolerable” visa ban. No, I don’t esteem these leftists not even in the least, if they’re not paid you can cut children’s throats paid with taxpayers’ money by McCain and Graham and they don’t wake up. Trump is doing normal things as controlling the borders and deciding who can and can’t enter the country and there is another small detail for those who dare and cry “Jared be ashamed” because Jared Kushner is the Jew who should behave like an idiot leftist, instead he’s the one who’s keeping alive the hope for the jewry, well, you must know what I think of Israel, but Israel is a country whose citizens were and are actually banned entrance I believe in 19 nations… so what? Soros? And why should Jared care about letting people from countries who ban the israelis enter the US? And why should he want the US full of muslims who hate him as a Jew? Jared Jushner I understand him, it’s the british lefty Jews who now quarrel with the antisemitic muslims they themselves wanted to let in the UK for the “human rights” against the “white racists” that I don’t understand, and I wrote it.

Next prayer will be for God to give us the grace that Soros is arrested and consigned to Justice, so the poor outraged change job, with no one paying them they don’t bother.

Does the outrage seem kind of manufactured to you?

Source: Soros-Funded Groups Behind Effort to Stop Trump’s Refuge Ban

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