I support Trump’s “muslim ban” in action, look at Paris where Hollande has let all unvetted muslims in and now they knife chinese immigrants for “they have become too rich and don’t need benefits” and one banlieu has announced they’ll vote LePen. Bravo Trump.


Trump and the “muslim ban”

You cannot, must not let western towns become muslim towns, Trump is doing well putting suddenly in action the so called “muslim ban” the extreme vetting for immigrants from muslim countries, the Left that’s unfortunately still ruling France has let unvetted muslims in and now in Paris there is a new wave of violence, northern africans immigrants who claim benefits knife the chinese immigrants because they work and have got “rich” without state handouts, too much of a blow for their ego, they are used to say and to believe that they can’t make it, because the system is racist and this because the left told them so, to see other immigrants, the asians become prosperous in France without state benefits must have driven them crazy Read the link: War of immigrants in Paris northern africans knife chinese for they have become too rich

It’s the end of the Left’s theory that social injustice trumps personal valor. The immigrants who are told they must be given something become envious of the productive ones and like Cain try to kill the “good” Abel brother. And this without even losing their own benefits, just because “I can’t stand chinese, I don’t know why, but it’s like this” in their own words.

It’s not just terrorism, it is that our towns are full of angry foreigners that the white leftists have filled with wrong ideas and who feel entitled to something and whose violence is protected by the whity leftists who must disappear politically and culturally while in France a banliue, an entire banlieu has announced the intention to vote Front National for they can’t stand the ruthlessness and the vacuum of real politics created by Hollande and say “Let’s try Marine LePen, maybe she’s different”. Quote:

“If she wins, it will be a good thing. The left and right are all bastards. They promise things and they don’t deliver. Let’s vote for Le Pen and see what happens.” — Aubervilliers resident Source

While in Turin the regular immigrants have complained against the Frontex-brought clandestines for drug traffic in front of their houses, in France the judges are trying to put down François Fillon who could also be a rather good right wing candidate, if Fillon is left alone all the polls say it’s going to be LePen Vs Fillon, Right Vs. Far right and the judges try to serve the Left, but they must stop, they must not try to impose another socialist, another blind man who’s scared of repatriating the illegals and stop the new arrivals.

Trump is doing his duty.

Bravo Trump.

Let’s hope that in France, Germany and Italy the Right wins too.

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