CNN’s Top Jew Threatens Trump: “We Shape Your Image”. Then you’re a failure who must change job, Trump won against the CNN you don’t shape anything, you’re over.

Donald Trump is making a “mistake” by continuing to have an “adversarial relationship” with CNN because that network “shapes [his] perception in capitals around the world,” the chief Jew in charge of the media giant has warned.

Speaking in an interview with New York magazine, Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide etc. said

No, I believe that Jeff Zucker’s journalism has gone so low, so cheap, so lurid and so fallimentar that the only thing he can think about is to change job; CNN lost completely reputation under his control and Trump won against the CNN so he Jeff Zucker is definetely a loser and he does not shape Trump’s perception in  the capitals of the world, the special relationship with the UK is very strong and, apart from a cheap bbc journalist everybody hates, people love Trump and all the other right wingers are inspired by his victory. You Jeff don’t shape anything, twitter, this blog, Alex Jones and co. shape the world much more than you do and at this point you must have the humblety to admit it and step down. You FAKE News perv.

Source: CNN’s Top Jew Threatens Trump: “We Shape Your Image”

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  1. CNN try everything but can’t land a punch, I don’t think they will in the future either. Our civilization has taken a change of course and they will soon be history, hopefully followed by the rest of the dishonorable(vast majority) MSM. It’s the perfect storm, Hurricane Donald.


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