The three-shaped BBC questions to Theresa May against Trump were irritating, particularly putting friendship with Putin on the same level as torture and oh their sacred abortion without which those nasal-voice-cows cannot imagine to live.


Trump May won’t destroy US-UK Special Relationship

Nasal-voiced-BBC cow who has to defend abortion wherever she goes and attacks Putin and Trump and puts torture in the same pot with trying to avoid the WWIII; Trump is my favourite in the game and he’s right pretty much in everything but waterboarding and Israel probably, Trump is not me, it’s Trump, I still agree widely, but I felt irritated at the BBC journalist, this came soon after I had read an article on the Telegraph in defense – read “publicity” – of abortion as a contraceptive, the cow journalist had had sex with an ex and, in the loo of a MacDonald finds out the pregnancy test was positive; I don’t belive a single word of what she said, particularly the detail that a normal woman does the pregnancy test in a McDonald, it’s a ridiculous detail, a normal woman would close herself in the bathroom of her house, breathe and take the test, so to me, it looked invented but nevermind, the man who got her pregnant wanted to help her with the baby, her parents too, but “she knew” the best choice was to get rid of the baby and then  she felt liberated but a bit like an assassin, just a bit? I’ve just killed my baby sort of feeling? No, I don’t feel sorry for her if it is true, I feel sorry for the baby, because no matter how much I try to listen to these “my abortion” stories the more I hate them, I tried to switch on the video of her “abortion story” and I got irritated by her voice: it was the same nasal- english-cow little voice of the educated but a bit posh female Britons, the ones who want to sound good and polite whatever monstrosity they utter and the monstrosity is more weird, more disturbing, like a devil who tries to sound good, but you can see it’s a devil: it’s a smooth devil, not a tough devil, it’s really disturbing, so disturbing I couldn’t go on. So, like putting Trump’s will to get along well with Putin, and he will probably and hopefully manage to do it, putting this instinct to peace, to judge by himself on the same level of torture is also disturbing. And then there is that voice, that thin english polite voice with which the englishwomen try to make abortion sound good that I would like to explain how it makes me feel: these people can kill you and say “I’m helping the poor, I set up a charity to kill”. They are disturbing.


Trump will get along well with Putin and we editors must give a good narrative of the stories. About abortion, I want to set clear I am a woman, I am in my fertile years, yes I can get pregnant and I don’t want to be raped, it would be good if abortion weren’t killing the baby but it is killing the baby; the fact that can happen to you and can happen to me doesn’t change it. To say it with a thin, nice, the politest as possible BBC voice and to claim that a nurse kept your hand while you were all together killing the baby and your conservative father hugged you doesn’t change it.  It’s like poisoning a cup of tea, a nice hot cup of tea. The Special Relationship is there, Trump and May won’t destroy it for respect of their own countries and for the liking of the respective countries, they won’t be great comrades maybe and with Putin Trump will have a better laughter. He’s a good guy, but remember what I told you about waterboarding, it’s not about finding the truth, you can find it, and without torture, it’s when you have found it but you don’t like it and I believe Gen Mattis, at this point of his life already knows it.

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  1. Keep up the good work Paola, our side needs as many clear thinkers like you to get active and fight the good fight. Your arguments are pretty much spot on, it’s very heartening to hear this from a young woman given the hysteria going on in America.


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