“No Waterboarding” Part II – when the real problem is that the guilty one is deemed untouchable; Jimmy Savile wasn’t arrested because everybody knew about him but he was deemed untouchable and so on for many other crimes also related to Terror.


Prince Charles

Jimmy Savile was never arrested for being a multiple boy and child rapists not because the BBC staff wasn’t waterboarded enough into confessing, they confessed, they knew, the police knew too, but he was deemed untouchable because he was deeply friend with Charles the heir to the throne and that’s it. So it goes also for the bishop who raped 18 boys, he was a close friend of Charles protected by the Crown or at least by the heir to the throne; we all feel Charles is repulsive, is it so “normal” that the heir to the throne’s got serial paedophiles as best friends? No, the idea is that Charles is a perverted too and everybody knew it, but, not to create a mega scandal, covered up both him and his protegé Savile and the bishop etc. the only alternative possible is that he is incredibly, humanly stupid to be closely surrounded by pedophiles and not to understand it and this while everybody at the BBC knew it and there were people who told the police. I believe he is guilty, he evidently feels superior to morality.

In Buckingham Palace Diana recorded the confession of a page boy raped by the son of Princess Ann, another untouchable, the problem is this; when the guilty one is deemed untouchable and do you believe for terror is different? No, it isn’t. In Italy two israeli young men were found taking photographs with drones on the Vatican which is expressly prohibited, but the whole thing was declared an incident with little consequences, can you imagine if they had been arabs? Waterboarding the muslims who want to bomb the Vatican! I hope in Italy we don’t do it really as it is prohibited. In Paris too, nine/eleven is reported to have been organized by Paul Wolfowitz and other israeli double nationals and…everybody is looking for the arab to waterboard to make him confess. Confess what? That you are scared of this repulsive zionist construct made of Israel – head – and jewish lobby around the world – tentacles – accuse Israel of what they do, also in Pakistan the pakistani government found israeli and french officers dead on its territory among ISIS fighters and even telephoned to the embassies of these countries to give the bodies and the embassies shut up…The liberal democracies…What do you want? I told you yesterday, the truth is not like the ice-cream at the ice cream dealer, if you don’t like the chocolate they give you the cream and the ice cream boy builds the ice cream you prefer “chocolate and cream?…or no, better only chocolate” (?) You don’t like the truth, stop waterboarding. In Italy the mother of Giulio Regeni assassinated previous torture in Egypt says “I want the truth, the whole truth about Giulio!” then you tell her his son was spying on behalf of a Cambridge Professor strongly sympathizer with the muslim brotherhood Ms Abdelrahman and she,  the italian mother who thinks she knows everything about a 28 year old son away from home possibly since when he was 18 around Britain and Egypt while she probably never left the village in Italy when she resides, she dares and say “No, Giulio was no spy” You know it, mummy, don’t you? Giulio was a spy. And you don’t know almost anything of what a 28 year old son does around Cambridge and Egypt, you know what he tells you per telephone 5 minutes twice a week and he always tells you it’s ok, so stop ridiculing yourself, you don’t want the truth, you want that what you think to be declared the truth. The truth is like that song by the Oasis “You can have it all, but how much do you want it?”.

I don’t think I can help you, but please, no torture. Find another way to go to hell, Mercy on the Christ.

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