Mediobanca, the italian investment bank that represents the deep establishment…agrees with us: Italy much better off outside of the eurozone according to a “leaked” document to a rightwing newspaper that had to be “secret”, but they must have leaked it on purpose. Italexit at the horizon.


Finally something real is moving in my country to exit the big entaglement: the euro.

And this time is no Grillo and no Salvini, the establishment came out with a supposedly “secret/reserved” document, 99% leaked on purpose to let the country know that yes, we must out of the eurozone and we’ll be richer. I found it on the rightwing newspaper Il Giornale, here’s the link. Italexit finally at the horizon I guess, because Mediobanca is the italian so called Centaur half private but deeply inserted into the state machine, this means we will exit the eurozone no matter the government, even without or before Grillo or Salvini take power, it’s like the immigrants, now we’re repatriating them without changing government basically they must have got sick of it themselves and I’m glad. Let’s see what the study says: quite clearly, the sooner we exit the better. And if we had exited in 2013 we would be in advantage. Yes of course there are some other details in the study.

Ok, let’s hurry and please, let’s exit also the Single Market and the absurd quota-sanctions system. Today I listened to a publicity where they said “Brussels, the Capital of Europe”. Brussels Capital? I don’t feel it. It’s over, get over it. It’s ended, send the migrants home and take back the economy. Italy we keep it for us, the rest is a nightmare, probably about to end.

And then there is also another part of the story that people must understand: I cannot live with jews and muslims having all the power that the left wants to give them over us. I don’t feel guilty and as for I know also the people in Mediobanca have the sense of guilt rather in slow motion. So, what are we really talking about? Letting jews and muslims and black command over italians “because we feel guilty for the fascism and the holocaust?” First of all who told them we feel guilty? Our conscience belongs to us, not to television. My conscience belongs to me, I don’t feel guilty for the holocaust etc. it’s they who fancy these things. I dont’ want any Soros or Black Lives Matter offending the whites in the middle of my boots: do not let them take space in the country. We have Italy as Italians and we are lucky, the Palaces belong to us, all the land belongs to us, our ancestors gave us entirely and I don’t see why we should lose it; we take back sovereignty, we do our interests we become rich and the others if they like it can come on holiday not insulting the italians because they fancy we feel guilty for the past, that’s never been the italians, I would like to know with whom did they talk who told them he was an italian feeling guilty, also as for the EU, we thought it would empower us, if they had told us we would lose money or that it was about “sharing guilt” we would have never joined: there must have been a misunderstanding between italians and globalists. Make things clear: we are not what you imagine we are.

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