Holocaust Memorial Day The Telegraph should be ashamed of publishing this eternal shit: “Only eternal vigilance can prevent a return to the hatred of the 1930s”. NO, only if the jewish banks don’t bankroll dirty politicians we can avoid this. And btw I hate you.

The shame over the shame: the lies and the cover up on the jewish banks that bankrolled Hitler, the silence over Israel’s racist, apartheid policy and the “eternal” condemnation of european right wing politicians by jewish professional liars.

The jews like to make people remember how “victim” they are

The Telegraph must be ashamed of publishing this stupid article about how the zionists should guard against rightwingers: I told you, I want the entire truth about the holocaust, it’s jewish bankers Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb under the supervision of Rothschild, jewish and chief-zionist, who bankrolled Hitler. The President of the european jews can go to Israel and criticize Netanyahu and all the israeli society structure instead of meddling with our Marine LePen, I despise them, they are wicked and I am proudly antisemitic: I hate them, they lie, the presidents of jewish associations are professional liars. Shame them, both over Israel and over the jewish bankers who financed Hitler and Mussolini, what they want is to control the white europeans into self destruction while keeping Israel for themselves, they must be expelled from Europe before the arabs.

Without the jewish bankers’ money Hitler couldn’t have opened a pub, let alone a nationwide political party, in Italy all the activities of the fascist party, included holiday at the seaside for the kids, were for free: they were completely bankrolled by someone else, the card owners didn’t have to put a lira, so stop trying to take us for fool. Someone make them stop.

If you don’t believe me, try to set up a nationwide political party without a bank giving you a loan, you won’t go further than buying a megaphone and it won’t be enough. I hate the jewish bankers, they did it to traumatize the jews and force them to move to Israel, ’cause no one wanted really to go there after Rothschild had obtained the Balfour Declaration, even now, they keep the israeli double nationality, but prefer to stay in Europe, breaking the balls to the european right wingers and telling themselves “I help Israel more from here, when I die I ‘ll be buried in Jerusalem. Israel must be only for the jews, but Europe can be for everyone” – which is untrue: Europe is ours, as for Jerusalem, it is not a cemetery that you go there when you die – and they never fuck off voluntarily. They deserve all the hate they receive, we must cancel the double nationality or expel them, they’ll never go away by themselves, this, Rothschild had guessed it, you must kick them away to really send them to the Holy Land, at least the Palestinians would stay there really and without fear, if they were given the opportunity. Who said that these european jews have a right to Palestine? And if they have it, why don’t they just go there and stay there? Abolish the double nationality. Right wing politicians must be respected, we don’t want any jews to criticize us, they are evil.

May I tell you something? If Israel is for the jews only and palestinians have no right in there, then also Europe is for ethnic europeans only and the jews have no right to stay here for the same reason. Oblige them to do in Israel what they want the politicians to do in Europe. The double nationality is the ruin of the West.

The theme of this year’s United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial Day – How can life go on?

Source: Holocaust Memorial Day: Only eternal vigilance can prevent a return to the hatred of the 1930s

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