“Waterboarding” absolutely works? No, dear Trump, the thing that absolutely works in the fight on Terror is to accept reality for what it really is. If it is Mossad agents on terror sites and israelis or masons covering up, to go around waterboarding arabs is pityless and useless.


Trump’s inclination to justify waterboarding must be corrected. We already have the truth but people, Trump for the first, must accept it.

I’m against any form of torture, it brings demons on earth – the deep theology teaches – it brings false confessions to just make it stop, it breaks Christ’s teaching “Don’t do to the others what you wouldn’t want the others to do to you” and there is a practical also for atheists effect: it doesn’t change reality. You want the leaders of these terror attacks to be muslims, while  they are israelis, jews and masons. Rita Katz is a liar and an israeli agent and everybody – every body – knows it, the israelis were in charge of the security both of the airport from where the boeings that crashed the twin towers took off and the Brussels airport where they allowed other israeli agents to put bombs where they liked – “to make the West experience what they experience in Israel” in their own chilling words – . In Syria israeli agents are throat-cutters dressed as ISIS and even tortured a Palestinian child and though this is documented and reported even by an italian General still a lot of people do the cover up and they must stop, in Israel they torture Palestinians, do not allow them having an advocate don’t even do a process, Israel is a mockery of the western democracy: the Israelis treat the Palestinians like animals. They did 9/11, Brussels and Paris Terror attacks and they left evidences that you don’t need to torture anyone if you want to see them. But there is a line in the Bible that says “Don’t accuse the innocent to spare a friend of yours who’s guilty”. God is Just.

Spare me waterboarding. If you want the truth you can have it already. But it must be accepted as it is, that the guilty one is “your favourite friend” who doesn’t give a damn about you and not your favourite enemy. I don’t want mass immigration and that’s ok, but that doesn’t mean I accuse arabs of killing people the Mossad killed. The real problem is that anytime the CIA, the FBI or the MI5 or MI6 and company, anytime they jump into an israeli officer around a terror attack site, responsible for the security, they cover him, they let him go to Israel and they start looking for someone else. Stop this and accept reality.

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