Greek Entrepreuneurs seem to get it: the EU is like a big Slaughterhouse where all the countries are gathered together, but only to be slaughtered. And they want Grexit. Bravo.


the EU would transform Schoenbrunn into a refugee camp, the EU was meant to “punish” white europeans.

The calls for unity at the EU seem the calls from a mega butcher who calls for all the animals to be gathered into a big slaughterhouse and while the animals think it’s better to stay in company than to stay alone, one by one they get blinded and brought to the “altar” and slaughtered. This is the real EU, this is why in Greece things go so badly, this is the reason of the refugee crisis and the calls for open borders, the Britons, wisely are getting away from it before being slaughtered, there is little to say about Brexit, the british citizens don’t want to pay taxes into the EU budget, they don’t like the EU regulations, neither for the fishery nor for toasters or hairdryers, they feel fine with their Special Relationship and they got that the big house where all those previously nice countries were gathered was just a slaughterhouse of nations instead. This is what it is.

Tsipras is a sell out, he knows it’s him who has not to let refugees in Greece from Turkey, when he asks other EU leaders to take refugees from Greece he is willingly participating to the slaughterhouse-project, the migrants, as terribly as it sounds, are used as a means to slaughter the hated-by-the-jews-and-the-communists european nations. The EU according to the eurocrats “must not be white and christian” the jews do hate the fact that white christians were always more successful than they at building nice places where to live, the white communists they are not jews they are perverted, the jews do rule over the communists as a matter of fact, the communists who fancy themselves clever often don’t realize it, when they do, they finally drop the communist mission: they must all open their eyes.

Going back to Greece, the entrepreneurs want Grexit, they have understood in the EU-slaughterhouse Greece can only be slaughtered: the euro is wrong, the refugee crisis is used against the european people, the Single Market regulations suffocate the production and limit the export, there’s no democracy, but what democracy there can be in a slaughterhouse?

The EU was meant to destroy the nations beginning with Germany, Germany being tough is probably the last that would be slaughtered, all the other weaker countries would collapse before Germany.

I don’t care about containing the germans, the NATO aka the Americans have 500 military bases in Germany, isn’t it enough to contain them? NATO is a kind word for “permanent occupation of Europe by the allies” we don’t even complain, but the euro, they could spare us all.

As for the rest, since the germans are more than contained by the military permanent occupation etc. also Italy for that, we can start again enjoy the beautiful things of german-austrian culture but please not the euro, not the EU.

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