Brexit starts looking serious. Good that Corbyn imposes the whip. Government publishes 137-word Brexit Bill that will give Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50

Brexit starts looking serious, the 137 word Brexit Bill is very “beautiful” in the wording and in the impression that the time to hesitate is through. Very good also the news that Jeremy Corbyn intends to respect the will of the 52% of the Britons imposing the whip on Labour reluctant MPs. I tell you from Italy, you are lucky to be able to get out now, first, from Brussels to Italy only bad news arrive, before the crisis also Italy, even Southern Italy was full with polish immigrants and the women were also easy to integrate, unfortunately not the same for the men, but polish women were nice people and hard workers, polish men were instead too reckless and drank a lot, but now after the crisis they have disappeared and I understand them, the crisis is due to the euro, it is created in Brussels and Frankfurt, and the more the South plunges into a crisis the more the pressure towards the stronger countries of the North rises, moreover the crisis must be solved changing currency but there is resiliency in Frankfurt and Brussels to do so. It may sound strange for certain remainers, but the Brexiteers guessed, now in the USA there is Trump who’ll give a quick trade deal and job opportunities to a free from the EU Britain, to miss the chance would be ridiculous, silly or treacherous. Moreover in Brussels things go wrong for Brussels’s fault, their attempt to put the blame on the nationalists is stupid, the nationalists raise their power because the eurocrats instead of solving crisis create more of them. The EU regulations are suffocating and stupid and cannot be changed democratically, Trump will give a trade deal without touching either the UK’s or the USA’s sovereignty, the EU were ready to sign the TTIP  – just like Obama and Hillary, the supposed good ones of my boots – that would enslave our countries under the corporations. I’ve got nothing against the Poles, I told you as for polish women in Italy they integrated very well, they went away because of the crisis. Men didn’t integrate so well ’cause they were somehow too proud, the eurozone must be closed, but for Brussels we can all end up like Cyprus and Greece. So, please, get out and say no more about it. I’m warning you, if you miss this chance I won’t cry over you. I’m not going to cry not even over Italy, I’m sick of emotions. I hate the EUrocrats, if they had solved the eurozone crisis a lot of eastern european immigrants would be absorbed by continental economies, also Italy, they let the crisis harden instead, and moreover asked to open the borders to african and asian unregulated migrants for the supposed “human rights”, they don’t reason and if they reason it’s worse. It means they have done it on purpose. God will judge.

The Government has warned politicians that they must “respect” the EU referendum result as it published its long-awaited bill that will give Theresa May the power to trigger Brexit.

Source: Revealed: Government publishes 137-word Brexit Bill that will give Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50


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