Trump trumps everything and his supporters do it too: Big Joe silences a march of leftists and his video is viewed 12 millions time after one day only, watch how many views has Lily Allen’s performance after one day…Richard LittleJohn notices the end of the “celebs”.

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Ex celebrities losing power

The world is changing and the celebrities are changing too, an Internet video where a freedom fighter and anti-socialist called Big Joe literally alone with the help of a patriotic journalist, well he silences a crowd of anti Trump leftists and this video is viewed an astonishing 12 millions times on youtube after…gosh, one day: this is a celebrity, Lily Allen and Madonna don’t have such numbers and it is rumoured that “official” celebrities do have to buy views and followers on the social media to keep an image of success. But what if a Big Joe is so “naturally” successful? It’s the proven evidence that beyond the bought views and the bought followers in reality the so called official celebrities, who lately are not even so beautiful anymore, have lost real success. Lily Allen looks a normal face on a rather fit body, Emma Watson looks nice but too much like the Miss-I-Know-everything in your school that the others found boring, Madonna looks embarrassing. All this while other people on internet have millions of views and shares really, but they are not called celebrities.

Look at Big Joe trumping the leftists 

Another article about how the so called celebrities are not so successful anymore is here on the Daily Mail, the pitiless, healthily pitiless, Richard LittleJohn makes the list of supposed feminists who were friends with and defended the convicted rapist and child abuser Roman Polanski who drugged and then anally raped a thirteen years old and is friend with Meryl Streep and Ewan McGregor who defended and worshipped like one of them that Bill Clinton who, if nothing else, had to pay women for not suing him for rape all the so called “stars” were on his side; read here it is very instructive, as for the consideration that the luvvies’ reaction is the same as the remainers, well they are paid by the same people – and I would like to know how much – and Soros has no fantasy.

Do you know what? Richard LittleJohn and Big Joe are true people who have true political convinctions, the “official celebs” are just paid to express political opinions on this and that like the “official feminists” who went from promoting porn to promoting burqa, because they don’t think with the head they think with the wallet, they are losers, it is even wrong to pay attention to them.

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