Review of Al Jazeera’s “The Lobby” documentary: I’m not astonished at the Jews and I’m not astonished at the Arabs, I’m astonished at the vacuus careerist Whites who float cluelessly between pro Israel and pro Palestine whithout having any part in them both.


If in your opinion “the first thing” that an MP is supposed to do in Britain is to join the LFI…

The perspective of this website may not match the classic perspective of the whites who now have to choose, as if they could have a part in it, whether to be “pro-Israel” or “pro-Palestine”. I watched Part one and three of the very interesting Al Jazeera’s documentary “The Lobby” about the israeli lobby in british politics and both the Jews and the Arabs seem to be focused on themselves, their rights, their ethnic group and culture and promote it, it’s the white britons with some italian graduate in the middle who are/look totally disbanded, they are not focused on themselves, on their own country, the italian Maria Strizzolo is she too, focused on Israel – as if it made a sense – the shocking truth is that they look careerists on sale for a land they know perfectly they couldn’t have any political right in it, neither the jewish nor the arab part, so in fact, what’s the point really of being a friend of Israel or of Palestine? The nationalists like Farage are accused or maybe not now, but in the past they were accused of fascism, but they seem more normal. What I mean is, all these whites who have to choose to stand for Israel without having any civil right in the state of Israel that’s for Jews only, or for Palestine, idem with potatoes, thanks, they wouldn’t have any rights there too, why do they do it? What’s the point of focusing on the Middle East? The point is vacuity, fear of being a fascist if you focus on the interests of your own country or else, yes, Joan Ryan will forgive me, career, what else? At least career would be something tangible. It is liberating to see the whites not fighting anymore “catholic” vs. “protestant” but to see them suing one another for being “pro-Palestine” vs. “pro-Israel” is also a bit disorienting. No I dont’ want any bloody Sunday, I don’t miss it. But the feeling of disorientation is real and to be discussed.

Imagine the Italian State using all the italians hanging on in Britain to organize a mega lobby to pursue the interests of the Italian Republic inside the Labour and the Conservative Parties and the Students Union and you’ll have a monstrous image of what Israel is up to, or imagine the Poles doing the same organizing the Labour Friends of Poland and the Conservative Friends of Poland, but no, even the Italians around there they are pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, even the Germans, we are a bit hijacked. What I mean is, you can travel, if you’re smart and/or active you can get a job abroad and in case you may also change nationality, but… then stop, as Jesus Christ said one cannot be servant of two masters, either he’ll be loyal to one and disloyal to the other or viceversa, I stick to the point that people must choose and not having two nationalities, and honestly all this focusing on Israel, without being a jew, what’s for? If other nations did in Britain what Israel does, Britain would go bankrupt. And don’t tell me about the special relationship between Israel and Britain, it doesn’t exist ever since the Israelis, not the Palestinians, blew up the King David Hotel with all the British Gotha that had to rule over the Mandatory Palestine in it and declared Independence. Independence is independence, stay alone on your two and if you lose the war against the arabs I don’t see what the britons should do. If you want the british help you should accept the british empire ruling over Israel as Mandatory Palestine back, if you want independence you have to work by yourself within your own means.

As for the Holocaust – that the Britons, the Russians and the Americans did not do – I have kept the promise I did in the last article of yesterday, the one about Karlsruhe Court’s sentence  I recorded a mini speech about the high level connections of Hitler and a prayer for God to make the Truth about Fascism, Nazism and the Holocaust become the official version of the story.

At the end of the prayer, please say “Amen” ’cause Jesus said that if two or more than two people gather and ask the Father something in His name they’ll be given. We are virtually gathered, but if you can, gather also physically with other people and join the prayer.

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