Karlsruhe High Court speaks out: the NPD cannot be prohibited because…it’s too unsuccessful to threaten democracy. So to prohibit it would be against free speech while to prohibit a Party in Germany it has to threaten the democratic institutions.


Germany’s High Court

The sentence is nice, to prohibit the NPD would be against free speech and in Germany a Party can be prohibited only if it threatens the democratic institutions which thing the NPD doesn’t get near doing it, because basically ever since there is AfD is deemed politically insignificant, they have no MPs in any Regional Parliament and even less at Bundesrat level, they have only some members in some local councils, the big votes of the Right, Karlsruhe Court – the Highest Court in Germany – doesn’t say it, but we know it, were taken by the AfD so the power of disruption of the Democratic Order of the NPD is nullified, to prohibit it would amount to prohibit free speech and this is not a reason why in Germany a political party can be prohibited. The leaders of the NPD weren’t even happy because they knew their votes have been diminishing drastically taken by the AfD, to be people who “won” the trial looked pretty sad. AfD is the political Right in Germany, if it can console them, I’d prefer them and not this pro-Zion Frauke Petry, I’m sick of pro sionists, if Angela Merkel makes this refugee crisis over by herself I avoid supporting this AfD because I do not support Israel’s bootlickers, and no Trump is not an Israel bootlicker, but Frauke Petry is. Come on. It could be worse than this.

At this point, as Right wing editor I suggest Merkel and the CDU to end the refugee crisis now that in the White House there’s Trump, between AfD and NPD I’d support NPD anyway, the Holocaust memorials are an insult to art and civilization and then I want a bombed Gaza memorial: I do despise the pro-Israel Right, so please, close this refugee craziness by yourself, ’cause I’m not going to be a sell out for their sake and I’m going to broadcast a prayer for God to enlighten our minds and tell us finally the Truth about Holocaust, Nazism and Fascism, because it is true that the jews don’t tell the whole story and do never condemn the jewish bankers who bakrolled Hitler, while condemning everybody else. It wasn’t a german bank to finance Hitler it was an american jewish bank the Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb’s Kuhn Loeb & Co. why don’t they build a holocaust memorial in Manhattan in front of the offices of this bank now called…oh look now it’s called JP Morgan. Build a Holocaust memorial there and ask them reparation money.

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