There’s something unreal in these manifestations of the leftists: they lost – with all their useless celebs’ support – Brexit, Trump’s elections and Italian Referendum. Maybe some media make them look bigger than they truly are.


Lefty media didn’t show the nigerians pro Trump

The world, the real political world is strongly moving in the opposite direction that Pope Francis, Madonna, George Soros, the Rothschilds bankers and Emma Watson – if she counts for what she counts – want.

The leftists showed off support from the likes of the Pope to the ones of a soft porn artist like Miss Ciccone with all the other types in the middle and still, no matter how big their post-defeat manifestations look, they lose, lose and lose again.

Too much for “ignorant people easy to brainwash”, evidently, the celebs who were scared of supporting Trump they’re taken into consideration like those “easy women” men in the past used to say about: “we go after them just for pleasure, but we don’t marry them”.

Even Climate Change, it does not really exist, this winter is peculiarly cold, so the leftists are ashamed of calling it “global warming” as they used to because they are freezing so they call it more generically climate change.

A great climate change, but political, I’m afraid.

What’s happening? All the leftists who own media use them to make the lefty movement look bigger than it really is focusing on the anti-Trump few people, in Nigeria there was a huge manifestation pro Trump and against the local government there were images of nigerian citizens waving american flags, black people btw who didn’t think Trump had nothing against the blacks not being influenced by the Soros BLM, in Israel there were too pro Trump manifestations with Bethlehem waving again american flags everywhere, and again you notice it were all pro Trump Jews in Israel and al all pro-Trump blacks in Nigeria.

Neither the Jews considered him antisemitic nor the blacks considered him racist…

It’s like this, you can check.

The Trump family must buy media outlets: they show the images they like.

At the EU they try to show muscles they haven’t got “UK cannot discuss trade deals before Brexit” it’s untrue, moreover if they sign trade deals before triggering Article 50 the new Trade deals can become active from the very same day Article 50 is triggered because this article of the Lisbon Treaty says that the new condition can apply either from the very same day Article 50 is triggered or two years from that day.

The EU will close with the people who watch only television not understanding why because television shows them a nonexistent world: don’t watch television at all. It’s the television that gave Hillary winning with 80% advantage, the television that doesn’t dare ask questions to Brussels bigwigs, whose Presidents are indoctrinated at the Bilderberg, and this is the result. If they told you the truth, how could the world be going in such a different direction?

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