The EU is collapsing and from Brussels they don’t accept not even advices not even by leftwingers who would like to save it; they even try to have them “beheaded” for daring to suggest they are not perfect – see Varoufakis-


This bunch of traitors, deaf and blind towards us, will remain jobless soon.

To the people who watch television for information I suggest to give a glance to the internet news because television is misleading its spectators on the real conditions of the EU: the EU will probably close. It has structural defects that had to be corrected long ago, but whenever a politician, even a leftwinger who “loved” the EU and wanted to save it suggested, “dared to suggest” there should be some substantial changes in the Treaties to make it work because the actual Treaties were damaging the real Europe and the lives of the real europeans and I can make the names of people who wanted kind of saving it: Cameron, Varoufakis, Matteo Salvini, Grillo, Padoan, well if he was a right-winger he was suddenly silenced as a nazi, if he was a leftwinger like Varoufakis he couldn’t be accused of being a nazi – it would have been ridiculous honestly even for them- and this somehow angered them more, because if you contradict them and they cannot accuse you of being a nazi they literally don’t know what else to say so they kinda hate you more deeply and, close themselves in their off limits offices in Brussels, plot – yes, plot and I say plot – to make you fall, telephone someone in your country to have you sacked/beheaded for daring to contradict them in public – or even in private – and if you resist to that some judge at their disposal accuses you of something, in Varoufakis case of Treason, until you step down. Is this fantasy? No, it is the real european union. Berlusconi who was moderately right wing and pro EU but wanted Italy to exit the failing eurozone was ousted of power with this method and for the reason in Brussels people wanted Italy to stay in the eurozone also against its better economic interests; David Cameron when he went there to change the free movement rule was treated with contempt, they even laughed at him.

If you are a right winger like Marine LePen then you are a nationalist/populist the supposed “real” problem of the EU. But no, everybody knows the real problem of the EU is the EU and its absurd stupid Treaties no one respects until the collapse for debts.

At the EU, their “majesties” the commissioners get irritated if someone dares and suggest they are not perfect and it’s they who are making mistakes, and not if this someone would like in the end to save the construct: you, in their opinion, should say that the EU is perfect and the problems are invented by the nazis. So, the euro related problems are invented by the nazis? The cruel relationship german creditors-greek debtors is invented by the nazis? Is Varoufakis a nazi? Is even Berlusconi such? Oh yes, Berlusconi is a fascist like Trump is a nazi and Salvini is a Mussolini apologist – this is probably fake news -. I sincerely think they hated Varoufakis more both than Berlusconi and Salvini, because he couldn’t be accused of being a fascist, this drove them crazy. Of course it will close. If a building is collapsing and the owner gets angry because an engineer tells him… what should the engineer do? Lie to them? They, Mogherini, Juncker & co. are so clueless, so inferior to the task, so waiting for someone to tell them what to do and this someone seems to be even more clueless than they…Schaeuble today is reported to have said: “the UK could have the same relationship with the EU as Switzerland and this would include – you won’t believe it – free movement”. Free movement. I don’t even reply to this. What should you reply? I don’t understand to whom they talk when they pretend to be talking to us, they are obviously not talking to the Britons or to any other brexiteer. They really pretend you don’t exist, they haven’t listened to what you’ve been saying for 9 months, nothing. Blind and deaf.

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