Why does Theresa May want to be humiliated in the United States? She claims she’s going to tell-teach Trump the, literally, “Importance of the EU”.


Thersa May may be leaving Number 10 soon

The importance of the EU. This is what Theresa May wants to talk about “quite frankly” moreover with the United States’s President Donald J. Trump. I mean, Theresa, talk about something else, as for frankness, we all know Donald can be much more frank than any other fake-thoughts politician you are used to have to do with, the very idea of a Theresa May talking “frankly” with a person like Donald Trump deserves the online streaming: it’ll be a sitcom. Angela Merkel could talk about the importance of the EU but not the british PM who has to deliver the hardest brexit you’ll ever see on this earth. Why does she do it? I mean, talk about the NATO but, why do you want to come out crying from that room? Don’t you know Donald?

We can ask the streaming of the conversation, she would think to lecture him and he would come out with the most unpolitical correct verbal live answer likely to match the worst – read best – tweets.

Theresa you are leaving the EU giving a lethal blow to it, talk about something else.

We want the streaming to laugh, Theresa May would humiliate herself and the United Kingdom doing this.

But there are the new headlines on the establishment’s mouthpiece The Telegraph, Janet Daley branded Trump’s speech “fascist” does she know what it means, really? Her comments about blocking mass immigration to Britain during the Brexit campaign were not substantially different than Trump’s, can she remeber them? The Brexit campaign she joined was focused on limiting immigration and won mainly for that and she wrote on the same Telegraph that that was not “racist” or “fascist”, because it’s your country and not America?

What’s happening? Did the Rothschilds buy the Telegraph from the Barclay Brothers?

Wake them up in the Castle where they live. It’s morning, Trump is President, you have to leave the EU and you, UK, will leave it in pieces*, so take a cofee and go to work.

*Yes, in pieces: with minus 12% net budget all the poles who won’t know where to go, probably Germany, with Germany and the Netherlands that will probably re-abolish trade tariffs with you, showing that basically to be in the Single Market is just a loss of money and power, so possibly keep silent about “the importance of the EU in a moment when countries need co-operation”, idiot, it’s you who are weakening the EU not Trump, what should Trump do? You have to leave and Trump was even inspired by Brexit.

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  1. Theresa May is… a Tory, a Christian and a Patriot. The order is important… it’s party before everything. Cross your fingers for Paul Nuttall winning the Stoke-on-Trent bi-election… it’s important for keeping Theresa honest. The Tories basically have a free pass atm and the only thing they fear is UKIP.


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