Thousands of women march against Trump and I still don’t see why I should pay for these sluts’s abortions and single motherhoods.

womenmarchThese women, Emma Watson among them, cry for their “right to parent when they like and how they like”, not with my money. I don’t see why taxpayers’ money should be used for these sluts – and I call them sluts, they made a choice to sleep around without being judged – to have abortions, single motherhoods, IVG when they want to parent after they lost fertility and we who supported Trump and have nothing to do with them, should finance their reproductive supposed rights. The fact that abortion is not illegal doesn’t mean that pro-lifers like me have to pay the multiple abortions or in alternative the multiple single motherhoods or even the In Vitro Fertilization of these unpleasant cows.

Pay with your own money, I don’t like you and I supported both Trump and Pence.

Categories: Feminism


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  1. Instead of worrying about the cost of middle class white Christian/Aetheist womens’ reproductive choices… maybe we should worry about the ‘cost’ of being outbred by women who are not given a choice. Just a thought…


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