Sadiq Khan the muslim mayor of London participates to the march for women against Trump but not against Sharia.

These marches against Trump pro women are the best of the left’s faults, the muslim mayor who justified radical Islam and burqa now protests against Trump’s misogyny. I don’t even put a photograph to this article, they bore me. I think they must be locked together these lefty women and muslims so we get rid of one of the two.  Women haven’t got to be subjugated to anyone but these abortion feminists pro Islam and against conservative politicians are disgusting, Trump cancelled the TTIP they should thank him for liberating us from that danger, but they are just instruments of the globalists so they do the march against Trump.

If there is a choice by Jared Kushner I totally share is precisely to have chosen Mike Pence as a vice President candidate.

So, Sadiq Khan, yes to the burqa, but no to Trump? Trump is saving the only system where the leftists can survive. Sometimes I would like the apartheid from the leftists, without us they’d disappear: enjoy Sadiq Khan’s burqa-friends and the saudi arabian donors of Hillary’s, they know women’s rights well.

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  1. London hasn’t been an English city for some time now… it’s Global Libtard Snowflake Central. And don’t expect it to change anytime soon. In England we refer to it as ‘That London’… nothing to do with us.


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