Honestly You Tube, I don’t accept that I cannot comment on the comment board of my own YouTube Channel, if I cannot answer to a post, I delete it. We should found new Internet Platforms for sharing videos and posts.


YouTube videos and the Jew

I’m a bit sick at YouTube, they decide which posts on the comment board to highlight, they even block me from replying to some posts critical towards me: now I don’t like this, if I cannot reply to a post I don’t like then I delete it.

Lately, today a jew, a fucking jew, commented “don’t try to put us jews down”, yes, I’ll try, I don’t like you: you are egotistical till parody, you don’t want to give to the Palestinians the civil rights you claim for yourselves in christian countries, you pay for broadcasting continuously images of the Holocaust and then pay for hiding the images of the dead people in Gaza: you must be deprived of the double nationality, either Israel where you stay alone without non jews helping you, or another country for the jews who have no ties to Israel, Rudy Giuliani hasn’t got the italian nationality he’s got only italian ancestry and “just” the american nationality.

Now, that I cannot reply to the comments on my comment board is out of the question, then I delete it.

We must found new sharing platforms both for videos and posts, I am sick with the attitudes of YouTube and Facebook, now it comes out that not even Zuckerberg uses facebook and has a team to handle his profile.

And there is another point: I can’t stand when the jews say “goym”, it’s they who are f****g jews not me “goy”.

It’s only honest if all the non jews stop helping this kind, they are racists eve since they utter the word “goy”, we must not help them, moreover Israel is not even a “jewish state”, it is an ashkenazi state where the arab jews are tolerated and the black jews are hated, it’s a state that without the double nationals would simply cease to exist, Italy wouldn’t stop existing without double nationals, and so Egypt or UK, as for America without the double nationals it would be much stronger, Israel if you abolish the double nationality stops existing, it will disappear in one year, because it’s not a normal state, it is a  sort of experiment and it is an experiment that’s not working because the jews don’t really want to settle there, to stay there they must be scared of the Holocaust, the egyptians stay in Egypt normally, not because they’re scared that if they leave Egypt they are killed. The Palestinians who are arabs want to live only there in Palestine, but they are fought off, the jews want to keep Israel for themselves, then want to live somewhere else in Paris or New York with double nationality and full civil rights, but the Palestinians shouldn’t live in Israel for when they decide to stay there. If you abolish the double nationality, either it becomes a normal state or it disappears.

All good for Palestine.

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