Dear Mr. President, now I ask you two laws: one that makes it illegal to pay or receive money to hold banners, riot or participate to political events; the second not to legalize undocumented foreigners. Rage cannot be paid.


Trump is not a racist, the leftists lie and are wrong

Richard Spencer was sucker punched, another lady was harassed by the Black lives Matter and since George Soros does pay per hour leftwing demonstrators I ask you Mr. President Trump a law that makes it illegal to pay and receive money for participating to political events, from holding banners one doesn’t even know what they say or what they mean, to shout, cry or indeed riot. I’m sick with fake rage against the system, the rage cannot be paid and I want to see how many would be there rioting or standing for free: not even the half and certainly not the agitators.

Second: do not legalize the undocumented aka illegal foreigners: they make me sick. In a civilized society there are no “undocumented citizen” citizen doesn’t mean “person”, citizen means citizen, that is “person registered in a burocratic state” they are citizens in another country and they must not lie about where they come from, only in a land where there’s no state you can be a person going around without documents or being registered anywhere. Moreover I don’t like the ignorant and/or wicked University professors who claim in their universities there are “undocumented students” they’re all there sucking the comforts coming from a very organized burocratic State, but they don’t want to respect the basic rules of the bureaucratic state, they just suck the blood and actually destroy it.

The Pioneers who often are put on the same level as illegal immigrants cannot be defined illegal immigrants because they entered a land where there was no state, so the documents for that land just didn’t exist, offices didn’t exist, the “State” the western bureaucratic state didn’t exist, now it exists because those pioneers founded it, I mean the pioneers go to free lands where there is a kind of society but no state and no documents – for example, also in a jungle there are societies, but no state and no documents – that kind of society is usually uncomfortable and there is a natural selection very hard to survive, in fact there are many new born and many dead before even twenty-five – the right society for the snowflakes, isn’t it? – the immigrants decide to immigrate into well functioning burocratic states that are more organized, therefore more comfortable and there is usually more richness: they must respect the laws, beginning with the immigration law or they will act as a disruptive element of that society, I’m not talking about people running away from a slaughter, they obviously have the human right to run away from bombings and a slaughter but in that case they are real war refugees, who must declare themselves and their identity in the first burocratic state they land in and from there, Turkey for Syria or Tunisia for Libya btw, they must, if they want to emigrate to another state, follow back the burocratic rules from that very state.

If you want to stay undocumented, live in a jungle and die there. And bring the leftards with you. All these people of the left who claim nonsense about being undocumented “citizens” they use the words in a cheating way, but we don’t fall for it: they do want to dismantle our western democratic burocratic nations because their bosses, Rothschild and Soros want to substitute them with an impossible, and by yesterday definitely dead, NWO, so their aim to destroy our nations is  quite declared.

Trump was never a racist, but the left had not a pro-black but an anti-white agenda to give more potential supporters is wrong.

If it is true there could be an amnesty, the amnesty cannot be done in a moment like now, with the leftists crying not my President and being abusive also physically of the right wingers or just common people they find on the streets with the cap “Trump” or even without that, legalizing those illegals would give strength to the marxists who prohibit the exposure of the american flag because “it’s offensive for the mexicans” basically we have won and now we must weaken them till the end. To legalize would be a victory for Soros and those scam who didn’t bother to calm down. Repatriate them all, in Mexico there ‘s no war, none of them is a refugee, let them cry a bit, it’s their turn to cry and if they feel offended by the american flag they can stay somewhere else.

I was never beaten or abused by a leftard but other people were, now these two laws, I believe you Mr. president owe them to your supporters.

Tell them like this: It’s your time to cry. And I mean it.

If I could tell them in Italian I would cry the typical stadium choir “Leftists, leftists, vaffanculo!” taken from “Juve, Juve, vaffanculo”.

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  1. although it doesnt give you everything you wanted, the thing about the soros connection is it has to be sufficiently proven to be prosecuted. ianal, but no matter what just law you cite, crimes still require sufficient evidence to matter legally.

    if soros is american (and the wp article that calls him hungarian-american suggests that he is) then perhaps the rico act is what youre looking for. other than that, you could try the patriot act but i wouldnt really stand by something that unconstitutional to try to bust people for holding signs. reform campaign contributions and put the clause in there, or its like saying “corporations can do it, but individuals cant.” –regarding being paid to hold signs.

    other than that, inciting riots is also still a crime. (paying people to riot? how is that not inciting?) if trump is who he claims to be, im sure he doesnt want any new laws where existing laws suffice.

    “too many laws” is an existing problem any real conservative ought to be able to explain to everyday people at this point. being careful how new ones are created should be important to conservatives for the same reason.


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