Ok, he’s a billionaire; but he won thanks to the Internet media without being chosen by the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg and many billionaires should be glad about the fact that we Internet publishers set them free from the slavery of the Bilderberg.


George and Laura Bush at Trump Inauguration, the feeling of normalization is around

Ok, I hear them: he’s a billionaire, he was never the underdog, but oh, he won without being chosen by the Bilderberg and against the Trilateral Commission only due to the facts that:


  1. Being a billionaire he paid his own bodyguards, private security and financed his own campaign hugely.
  2. The Internet media did for him, hugely for free what the television and the Bilderberg media did for the opponent.

We should be glad of the result, and the fact that the american Gotha was all in Capitol Hill doesn’t change the shift of power and the fact that billionaires themselves are not slaves of the Bilderberg anymore, if they want, they can do like Trump too, given that they develop that feeling with the Internet media and the people, the real people in the streets. Now I’ll tell you a part of my political positioning, in the past I used to like George W. Bush because he was a born-again christian and was against abortion and, before 9/11 he had sincerely promised to focus on the USA and not on the Middle East – like Trump but it’s too soon to shiver – then 9/11 and Iraqi war, which war at the beginning I had supported because I had drunk the whole story about Saddam – who had nothing to do with 9/11 whatsoever anyway – who supposedly had to be stopped and toppled etc. then I understood it was a big mistake that must not have been repeated and must not be repeated. I mean, we all come from the same story, I supported Bush in the past, I didn’t think he was bad and without 9/11 he wouldn’t have done the Iraqi mistake, so I’m glad to see him and Laura at the inauguration, we don’t come from different planets but it’s like the very same establishment needed to be freed from the Bilderberg’s slavery, the imposition of values whether you like them or not, Internet is a huge amount of freedom for all and this is good for all, poor but also rich ones, I can tell you that I have liked Hillary Clinton in the past but she was totally different, talked about keeping security in the streets and was no friend with lurid people as Podesta. Trump will be a better President and a cleaner President than Hillary and the other billionaires are free, if they don’t like the Bilderberg or the Trilateral, to contradict them, I even suspected George and Laura Bush voted Trump when they came out saying they didn’t vote Hillary, but this is clearly imagination. I don’t hate when I don t feel harassed, I know I said very nasty, harsh things and I know now it doesn’t make a tragedy if I say I should contain myself from swearing, cursing, saying n***r, s**t, b***t & co. but knowing myself, if something had gone wrong I would reproach myself for not having fought hard enough and since I am egomaniac I would have thought we lost for my fault. So, even this goes: I’m not a Lady. Oh, dear, now I feel ashamed. But now we have won. Melania Trump is elegant and also Michelle was, I liked her a lot in the transition.

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  1. i whole-heartedly disagree– if he ran with his own (billions in) money while other candidates not only took in essence, legalized bribes from other billionaires/corporations, but called in favors from other rich elites to try to smear and fight him, then he actually IS the underdog.

    im not saying im in love with the man, but he was the david in the story that day, not the goliath. an unlikely position for mr. trump, i admit. but not necessarily an inaccurate description under the circumstances.


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