Yes, I think they want to do it, to stop the democratic will, now they have six ways from sunday – are they jews to start the week from sunday? I start it from monday – to punish who’s against them, I have another way: all the Patriots defend Trump and block rioters also against the orders of the trecherous superiors, the day after Trump President will forgive you and you are safe.

trump2Really, CNN? Obama appointee would – really? – be President if Trump killed . No, it won’t. I don’t like this fu***ng game not even in the least and I have a better option.

Trump’s supporters and patriots in the army and the National Guard disobey to eventual treacherous orders by eventually treacherous superiors, the ones not on duty go down the streets armed and dressed casually in blue jeans and sports shoes like civilians and stop the rioters, in Italy it was the method of Francesco Cossiga, great anti-communist, inside the National Guard take the freedom to disobey the orders if you think it would put the President’s safety in danger, do everything connected to Donald Trump’s transitional team and with the Generals, like Mattis, who are loyal to him, the day after Trump is President and will first classify the eventual breaches of law and then forgive and/or pardon the heroes, the Supreme Court if Trump is President will be on our side.

I know what they want, I’m italian, I start working from monday.

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